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Known for high quality bedding, the Hotel Collection bedding can be purchased from some brick and mortar stores as well as online websites, but you can't purchase these sought after and cherished bed linens directly from the company. There are many great opportunities to find excellent sales and other savings promotions.

Quality and Luxury

The Hotel Collection is luxurious high-end bedding with a style of sophistication. The designs and fabrics are sensuous and perfectly crafted to ensure beauty and durability. Any bedroom can be transformed into an elegant retreat with The Hotel Collection bedding options.


The only con that can be said about Hotel Collection bedding is perhaps the cost when compared to other bedding options. However, customer testimonies and reviews make it very clear that they consider their investments worthwhile. In fact, many customers are so pleased they comment that they're back on the website to make an identical purchase.


This is a case where the customers believe the pros to Hotel Collection beddings tip the scale in an overwhelming agreement that the money spent on this bedding is well-spent. The dividends include, luxury, durability, longevity, high-quality and a true aid to a sound sleep.

Home design website Houzz has bestowed several honors on the Hotel Collection.

  • Best of Houzz 2012 Client Satisfaction: The highest level within the Houzz community for client satisfaction.
  • Houzz Badges: The Houzz Influencer badge recognizes that the Houzz community highly values the professional's (company's ) knowledge and advice and was awarded in August 2015.The Recommended on Houzz badge that was awarded in May 2016 shows that the Houzz community recommends this professional.

Customer Comments

Testimonies from those who have purchased Hotel Collection bedding and used it are the most valuable form of endorsement for this product. Some of the customer comments found at Macy's and Houzz include:

  • "We feel like we are sleeping in a very expensive hotel! It was worth every penny. I don't want to get out of bed now!" Macy's customer
  • "Just amazing quality and comfort with superb durability." Houzz commenter referring to sheets, shams and lightweight comforter with duvet cover
  • " Quality of the product is stunning." Macy's customer
  • "Cannot speak highly enough about the quality of these linens." Houzz customer
  • "These are hands down the best quality sheets I've ever owned -- and I should know, I'm in the textiles business!" Houzz customer

Where to Shop and What Customers Say

The majority of the Hotel Collection is available exclusively to Macy's, although you'll occasionally find pieces available through other sellers.

Macy's Hotel Collection Choices

Macy's has the largest inventory of the Hotel Collection. You can find feather pillows, featherbeds, fiberbeds, mattress pads, quilts, comforters, blankets, throws, duvets and bedding sets. Customers have the option of checking as many categories as they wish to return them in a search page.

There are numerous bedding choices that can be combined to create that luxurious dream bedroom you've always wanted. Some of the bedding offerings include:

  • Sheets: These are available in variety of colors and prints. The thread count range is from 400 to 800.
  • Feather pillows: These range from Finest Hungarian goose down, oversize European pillows to Siberian Down pillows. The majority of customers are pleased with their purchases.
  • Alternative-down pillows: There are two choices for the feel of feather pillows without the down. These include Luxe down-alternative density pillows (Macy's customers state "medium density") and Primaloft down alternative density (Macy's customers highly pleased).
  • Featherbed: The fiber-top featherbed features a pima cotton shell that's stuffed with hypoallergenic fill that's soft. Anchor bands secure the corners.
  • Fiberbed: This quilted cotton cover features a lofty layer of down-alternative fill and comes with a self-skirt for a snug fit over the mattress.
  • Mattress pads: The 500TC quilted extra deep pad is a luxurious cotton mattress pad that's only available at Macy's. Several hundred customers are pleased with the amount of padding and how it holds its shape with use. The other mattress pad, also available on at Macy's is made from pima cotton and has a soft hypoallergenic fill. One Macy's customer was not surprised that the pad had the same quality as her comforter.
  • Quilts and comforters: There are many styles and colors of comforters, some are filled with down, others are Macy's exclusives while others are closeouts marked down 50% and more. Macy's customers comment, "I love hotel comforters", "They're so cozy", and "They may be pricy but I feel its worth the comfort of sleep."
  • Blankets and throws: Only available at Macy's, and you can find a couple of closeout throws and cotton blankets.
  • Duvets: Another great selection of duvet covers feature new/current, closeouts, and only available at Macy's designs.

Macy's features a large group of closeouts as well as current products. Many of the closeouts are as much as 50% or more off the regular price.

Other Places to Shop

There are other places you can shop for the Hotel Collection. Many stores carry a limited number of styles and types of bedding, but you can always find good deals when you hit a sale, special promotion or closeout/discontinued item.

  • Wayfair carries an organic cotton and 400TC Egyptian cotton sheet set and pillowcases sold in a set of two.
  • An Amazon word search pulls up several Hotel Collection products. There are also a few Hotel Collection selections carried by various companies, so you'll need to double check that the items you select are actually from this collection.

Collection Ideas and Inspiration at Houzz

The Hotel Collection page on Houzz offers much to the visitor. Some of the valuable features include:

  • Overview: This highlights all the Hotel Collection products.
  • Projects: Several design projects that used the Hotel Collection bedding products share photos of their finished design project.
  • Ideabooks: This feature highlights individual ideabooks that are shared with the public.
  • Reviews: Customer reviews are overall very favorable with customers being highly pleased with their purchases.
  • Q&A: Most of the questions posed are about specific collection items and are answered by the store selling the products.
  • Comments on discussions: The discussions are centered mostly around the projects that used the Hotel Collection in their designs.

Splurging on Quality Bedding

While it may feel as though you're splurging when you purchase high-end, high quality bedding, such as the Hotel Collection, you save money in the long run since your investment gives you years of service. If you shop wisely, you can reap some great bargains for this sought-after bed linens and have a luxurious bedroom for your efforts.

Hotel Collection Bedding