Forest Themed Bedroom Design Ideas

Forest Themed Bedroom

A forest themed bedroom can be one of the most relaxing and rewarding bedroom designs for a true retreat and haven. It can be sophisticated and elegant, modern, or more rustic in design using the latest textiles, treatments and accessories. The deliberate layering of textures and colors will give your bedroom design the kind of depth often found in a forest of moss, pine, trees, streams and blue sky peeping through the forest canopy. This theme lends itself to any age group or gender.

Forest Walls

The best place to start with any room design is the largest surface area. For most rooms this area is the walls. You can use paints, wallpapers, stencils, decals, or a mural for your bedroom walls. Each choice will create a specific look, so decide on the style you want to help narrow your choices.

Forest Color Choices

subtle forest bedroom design and colors

Decide on which forest color you want for the main color of your bedroom. The most obvious color choice is green to simulate the rich hues of a forest canopy. If you prefer a more subtle color palette then choose from light to dark hues of brown.

While green and brown are typical forest colors, birch or aspen tree forests are a mass of white and dark splotchy bark. Depending on the time of year, birch leaves are either green or a brilliant gold. Other color options include seasonal colors, such as the rich colors of fall foliage or the bleak gray and white of winter.


If four walls of the same color is too much color for your personal taste, then opt for an accent wall color. If possible, use the wall where your bed is or another wall with a focal point, such as a fireplace. Excellent accent colors include:

  • Red
  • Gold
  • Yellow
  • Gray
  • Russet
  • Sky blue

Any of these colors will add contrast and depth to your forest color palette.

Painting Techniques

Don't just paint the walls of your bedroom. Instead, opt for a classic paint treatment, such a Venetian plaster or an Olde World effect achieved by one of several painting techniques, such as a double-paint roller or a glaze finish.

Wallpapers and Decals

Don't dismiss wallpaper as an option. Wallpapers offer thousands of patterns and colors to create a truly luscious bedroom design. You may prefer an accent wall of wallpaper to blend with painted walls. Go with a fern, leaf, or pine needle pattern.


One of these wallpapers would work well for an adult bedroom:

Children's forest themed wallpaper prints are a fun way to involve your child in the design process. Many patterns are designed for young children, especially wall decals. If you're talented, you may wish to paint a forest scene. Add fairies to make it magical or go futuristic with a dome city nestled in the forest.

Wall Decals

Birch Tree Forest Mural
Birch Tree Forest Mural

These decals from Amazon are good for kids' rooms:

  • Birch Tree Forest with deer and flying birds is ideal for a boy's or girl's nursery or young child's bedroom.
  • Forest Animals is a wall decal set suitable for boys and girls.

Accent Wall Murals

One of the most visually appealing forest themed bedroom designs is a photo or painted wall mural. Treat this wall as you would a large window when it comes to placing other pieces of furniture around it.

Don't cover it up by placing a bed or other massive pieces of furniture against it. If your wall is too large for a whole wall mural, then frame a section to resemble a large window. Add a drapery rod and draperies to complete the illusion.

If you want to immerse yourself completely in a forest, then use a forest mural on all walls. This effect is better suited for a minimalist room design so that the focus is all about the forest walls. This design can be fun for a child's bedroom since it will still be a cool design when your child becomes a teenager.

Buying Options

The Mural Store offers several choices.

  • The Nordic Forest Wall Mural features white birch trees nestled in a green forest bed back dropped by a golden pond.
  • The Enchanted Forest Paste the Wall Mural features dark silhouetted tree trunks bathed in golden streams of sunlight.
  • The Woodland Forest Peel & Stick Canvas Wall Mural is lush in greens and grays.

Alternatively, check out autumn forest murals by PIXERS.

The Forest Floor

For your forest floor, go with a hardwood floor. Choose a light stain or go dark. Area rugs are a great way to add depth, color and texture to your overall design. Selected a lush green shag rug that resembles a forest pine floor or add your personal style with a patterned Persian rug. Keep your color scheme in mind when shopping. If hardwood floors with rugs aren't in your budget, then go with a two-tone (light and dark) carpeting to give added interest to your floor design.

Furniture Styles

Wood furniture stained cherry, walnut, oak or mahogany are just a few of the vibrant wood finishes available. If you wish to add subliminal messaging of trees, then choose furniture with vertical lines, such as a four-poster bed. A more overt style would be to pick up a bed with actual trees as the columns. Choose a canopy bed that you can further decorate to your style.

You may prefer a more woodsy rustic décor by using rough-hewed log style furniture and furnishings. Both American Furniture Warehouse and San Carlos Imports have rustic furniture collections. If you just need a bed, you could check out the traditional cedar log bed at Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place.

Additional Design Elements

Window treatments, fabrics, and lighting all factor into the overall room design.

Window Treatments

Window treatments can range from wood plantation shutters to a layering of sheers and heavier draperies. Drapery rods with decorative finials add subtle nuances. Roman shades or bamboo roll-up shades are very effective minimalist designs that add a wood feel and allow the other elements of your bedroom to take center stage.


Forest Fabrics

Fabrics can provide your room design with depth, warmth and texture. Select from linen, cotton, wool, velvet and leather for texture layering. Use pillows, comforters, bed sheets, throws, upholstery and draperies for this texture effect.

You may also use fabrics to introduce or repeat an accent color, such as gold, blue, red or yellow. Plaids, florals, and geometric shapes are great patterns to contrast with solid colored fabrics, adding another layer of textures.


Lighting is an important element to your forest themed bedroom design. Just as fabrics, colors and textures can be layered, so can lighting. Use at least two or three different types of lighting.

  • Recessed lighting - Install a few ceiling recessed lights and place on a dimmer switch to better control the ambiance. Be sure to place a few above an accent wall or mural wall for a dramatic effect.
  • Lamps - Nightstand table lamps, a couple of floor lamps, and a unique overhead light fixture will help bring your design together.

The type of material used for light fixtures can draw the eye deeper into the room design. Burnished brass or antique pewter finishes give dimension and style to your bedroom design. Add a couple of candle holders and amber colored candles and you're almost finished.

Accessories Complete Your Woodland Design

If you opt for painted walls instead of wallpaper or a mural, you can still duplicate the feel of a forest through paintings and photographs of lush forests and forest animals. This kind of wall art will carry the woodland theme deeper into your bedroom.

Sculptures and art objects make a cohesive design. Use forest motifs, such as pine cones, pine needles, acorns, berries and woodland creatures. Ceramic, wood, pottery, metal, antique brass or pewter objects and art will give your design that needed final touch.

Double Candleholder
Double Candleholder

Shopping selections to accessorize your design include these options:

  • Etsy adds a touch of nature to any décor with bird figurines.
  • Amazon offers a very different type of candleholder with a double candleholder with textured bark and pine in cooper or gold highlights.
  • BlackForest Decor shares the light with the Big Sky wall sconce which feature pine trees in silhouette against a mountain skyline.

You can go all out to complete the forest ambiance for your bedroom with sound by investing in a CD or download of a nature soundtrack to play while you're resting or sleeping.

Pay Attention to Details

It doesn't matter if you prefer a more rustic, overtly forest themed room or a room with subtle theming. If you pay strict attention to the different hues you combine and the contrast of fabrics with stripes, patterns and solids, you will end up with a bedroom design you simply won't ever want to leave.

Forest Themed Bedroom Design Ideas