33 Diverse Music Themed Bedroom Ideas to Sing About

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Deciding on a music theme for any bedroom is easy if you start with the music genre first. Go with your favorite, such as rock 'n' roll, classical, country, hip-hop, jazz, pop and so on. This choice will set the scene for your bedroom design.

Styling With Your Favorite Music Genre

Select you music genre before setting out on a shopping spree. You can also incorporate other interests with your music décor. It's easy to mix other interests with music, such as art, gardening, sports, ballet and many other forms of hobbies and entertainment.

Country Music

Country music fans may wish to incorporate the style of a country decor mixed in with a few motifs associated with the music genre.

  • Grand Ole Opry signs or posters framed
  • Banjo, harmonica, fiddle, or guitar replicas for wall displays
  • Posters of new and older country singers

Accents, like lamp shades or pillows, featuring gingham or plaid prints would also fit nicely into a country music themed room.

Bebop 50s Music

Soda shop music from the 1950s was tagged Bebop and also Doo-Wop. Go with some iconic mementos.

Rock 'n' Roll

From Elvis Presley to heavy metal bands, rock 'n' roll is an expansive and encompassing genre. Choose from:

Classical Music

Classical music encompasses all the masters and also opera. Ballet is another passion that can be incorporated into this theme. Choose your motifs:

  • Busts of famous composers on columns or on top of dressers
  • Opera glasses mounted in shadow box
  • Bronzed ballet slippers display

Making Music for a Girl's Décor

Young girls, tweens, and teenagers appreciate a bedroom design that reflects personal likes and styles. Start by using their music star's favorite color(s). Make any girl feel like a pop star by adding a performing stage.

Performing Stage

You don't need many carpentry skills to build a raised box area in the bedroom corner. Cover it with padding and carpeting or simply give it a good coat of paint.

Hitting the Right Notes for Boys

Some teen boys might like guitars mounted on the walls. If you have a drummer in your home, then set a stage just for the drums. Use various posters angled on the wall behind your drummer and be sure to add a couple of corner spotlights or actual stage lights to complete the effect. Paint the stage black or cover it with thick padding and carpeting. Use a color palette of black and red, orange and purple, black and blue or green and brown.

Some suggestions to help you launch this rising star:

Music Notes Coat Rack Decal
Music Notes Coat Rack Decal
  • Dezign With a Z highlights a music notes coat rack decal that is a perfect combo of utilitarian art and will give a flair to any boy's room.
  • Nothing makes a statement quite like a word decal guaranteed to reflect a musician's sentiment.

  • Create a fun headboard by drawing and painting half of a vinyl record on the wall. Don't forget to paint a label and add the name of his favorite king of rock 'n' roll.

  • Amazon features a stylish keyboard motif black and white area rug.

Teenage Music Lover

Teenagers might appreciate a subtle bedroom design with a wall decal and a framed poster or two of their favorite pop singers. Provide ample lounging space with a couple of convertible style chairs. Add a few wall art pieces to coordinate with the color scheme.

  • Amazon's butterfly decal flutters to the music, leaving a trail of notes behind.
  • Place Amazon's treble clef wall decal "Music" over a desk or on the door.
  • Pottery Barn presents wall art in the form of a canvas painting of a turntable.
  • Let your teenager select a wall poster from the wide selection offered by All Posters.
  • Buy a black light or a mini laser from CheapDJGear.us if you want to be a hit!

Getting the Right Beat for Kids

Smaller children will enjoy a colorful and bright music themed bedroom. Primary colors are always a hit with active children. Set up a wall space where you and your child can create art using music stencils. Let your child add a few small hand prints for that final artistic touch.

Install a couple of floating shelves low enough for your children to reach and place colorful plastic bins to hold toy musical instruments. Graphics in wallpaper, borders, or decals can add a few touches to your design. If you're artistic, paint a scene across one wall of cute animals marching and playing musical instruments.

Shop for kids' music wall decals and wall art:

Tune Into Designs for Anyone's Room

If you have a vintage collection of vinyl records, print copies of the jackets to create wall art that's sure to make you smile each time you look at it. For the crafty music maker, transform a used nightstand with chalk paint and then decoupage sheet music onto the tabletop. If you use boxes for storage, cover in musical wrapping paper and then decoupage with music themed decals and motifs.

Decorating with Music Albums
Decorating with Music Albums
  • A colorful pillow or baroque wall plaques from The Music Stand gives a small touch without overpowering.
  • Another must-have is perfect for the classic look only a turntable can give. Make it modern by selecting one that also has a USB so you can convert your favorite vinyls into digital tunes.
  • An Easy Waltz music mural, such as electric guitars with musical notes, becomes a backdrop for your design.
  • RoomDividers.com features two six-foot tall double-sided music themed room dividers. Place in the corner or use as a dressing screen.

Ageless Music Themed Bedroom Designs

There isn't an age limit on music themed bedrooms. Use some of the motifs and nuances associated with your favorite music genre. For example, piano players might choose a wall mural that features a concert pianist or an opera fan might display a collection of antique opera glasses or framed mementos of favorite operas, such as programs, the Phantom's mask or antique photos.

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33 Diverse Music Themed Bedroom Ideas to Sing About