4 Definitive Science Bedroom Decor Themes & Ideas

Brothers playing on mural of solar system

If you or your child is a science geek or simply enjoys all things science, then it's time to create a science theme bedroom to reflect this interest. There are numerous décor fashions and accessories available that can give your room the perfect touch. The key to a well-designed theme bedroom is to not overdo the theme and strike a balance between icons, colors, and fabrics.

Astronomy Theme Bedroom

For the space explorer in your house, an astronomy-themed bedroom is a must. Throw your astronaut into the moment and help him or her imagine how it feels to walk in space with an accent wall mural, or you can go with a solar system mural or a spiral galaxy.

Room Colors

Select one color to be the main color for the rest of your decor and use two colors for accents, all taken from the mural color scheme. Use a three-colored striped valance and a reversible light blue and navy a comforter to bring the colors out without going overboard. The color you pull out, whether blue, pink, purple, or even white, can help create the look you or your child desires; create a boy's room, girl's room, or you can keep it gender-neutral.

Astronomy bedroom interior with posters

More Astronomy Décor

Other solar system and star constellation décor ideas include:

  • Be brave and explore using a mural on the ceiling of star systems.
  • A solar system ceiling mobile by Uncle Milton comes with a remote control and built-in light pointer and comet maker, allowing you to add and remove the décor as desired.
  • Wilson Graphics lets you design your wall with large solar system planet wall decals.
  • A painted styrofoam solar system mobile from Pottery Barn provides education and fun.
  • Target's iOptron® Livestar Mini Planetarium projects the night sky onto the ceiling revealing stars, constellations, and the Milky Way. It's remote controlled and is itself an interesting statement piece within the room.
  • Art.com is an ideal choice for space-related posters. Select three posters in similar sizes to create a wall display.
  • Zazzle features a wide selection of lamps and ceiling lights with astronomy-themed shades, such as Nebula stars galaxy, star clusters and more, which can accent a room on a nightstand or on the main overhead light.
  • Rug Studio features the Kaleen Astronomy Graphite Area Rug made from 100% virgin wool as an abstract choice.

  • Etsy's Geography Handmade store give you the subtly of space graphic pillows.

Family with two children bedroom astronomy decoration

Botany Theme Bedroom

Botany is the study of plant life, and this subset of science provides a great way to decorate an adult's room, although some touches can be used in kids' rooms as well.

Plant Decorations

Use large tropical plants as part of your room décor or hang a themed wallpaper if you don't have a green thumb. Vintage botanical illustrations can also be hung if you'd rather go with a single color for your walls.

Bedroom interior green and leaves decorations

Floral Accents

Display original pieces of watercolor paintings of plants or press your own flowers and feature them in shadow boxes. Flower prints or exotic flower posters can be displayed on a floating shelf. Stencil a nightstand with a fern or floral design.

Choose your color scheme and then accent it with floral draperies or a floral comforter. A floral rug or flower shape cutout rug can accent your room design. Add some pillows, mixing stripes, solids, or plaids with the floral fabric patterns.

Room Accessories

Other accessories include:

  • Society6's banana leaf cushion is great for a kid's room.
  • Spoonflower has a nice selection of fabrics for a custom made comforter, curtains or pillows. Options go beyond traditional florals, good for creating a more masculine or neutral bedroom.
  • Faux flower arrangements, whether for sitting on the floor or stand or in wreath form, add three-dimensional appeal to the room.
  • A wall grouping of fern species would look great over a chest of drawers or nightstand and is another gender-neutral or somewhat masculine alternative to flower prints.
Luxury concrete bedroom at night

Paleontology Theme Bedroom

Paleontology is the study of prehistoric life through evidence provided by fossils and you can create a stunning bedroom design for any age, even for an adult bedroom.

Child's Bedroom

A child would love to play in a cave for a day. Spray foam can be used to form faux rocks. Spray paint with a light and dark brown paint for a stone effect. Add a wall mural to let the dinosaurs in.

Boy playing with toys in his room

Adult's Bedroom

Make a bold statement in an adult's paleontology bedroom décor by choosing a dramatic t-rex dinosaur trophy wall sculpture from Design Toscano; for a more mature bedroom, consider the saber-toothed tiger skull artifact or t-rex dinosaur skull fossil statue.

Create an area to display the classic tools used by a paleontologist, such as a rock pick, chipping hammers, chisels, crowbar, dust brushes, compass, and maps. This could be done using a shadow box or shelves. Add some framed newspaper articles about some of the great dinosaur finds.

Stylish scandinavian living room dinosaurs sculpture

Additional Accessories

Shop for additional items to delight the paleontologist lover in your home, including:

  • Buy and display real fossils with the Fine Fossils real fossil tiles.

  • Invaluable hosts auctions with a "Natural History Collectibles, Fossils & Minerals" collections section updated on a regular basis. It is a suitable place to shop if you want to begin a collection for a shelving unit.
  • The Bone Room has various mammoth, mastodon, cave bear, various Pleistocene mammal teeth, and miocene fossils, as well as fossil casts.
  • Hang a framed replica of the original 1819 letter where Everard Home gave the Ichthyosaur its name.

Zoology Theme Bedroom

Zoology is the study of animals, and it works well for an adult, child, or teen's bedroom theme.

Basic Animal Bedroom Accents

Start with your favorite type of wall mural or choose a wall color to backdrop your zebra or leopard bedding. Faux fur pillows or stylized zebra stripe pillow can add a touch of animal theme to a chair or bed.

Bedroom with zoology motif

Vertebrate and Invertebrate Studies

Within zoology, there are two divisions: the study of invertebrates and the study of vertebrates. Add an aquarium with a light for those interested in invertebrate zoology that holds insects, spiders, or worms. For vertebrate zoology enthusiasts, display momentos from visits to a natural history museum.

More Decorations

Other decorating items might include:

  • Set up a microscope in the study area or add a poster of an animal cell dissection.
  • A flag, banner, or sweatshirt from a university or college of zoology, such as University of Wyoming or Cornell University, can be hung on the wall.
  • A bust of Charles Darwin from Etsy will thrill any zoologist.
  • Display a General Zoology textbook or several related books stacked up on bookshelf.
  • Frame the cover of a Smithsonian magazine feature on zoology; children might get a kick out of a framed National Geographic Kids print edition.

Scientific Themes in Bedroom Design

There are other sciences that can be explored in a bedroom theme design, such as biology, chemistry, computer science, entomology, geology, microbiology, archeology, anthropology, physics and others. It's best to approach a science theme design the same way you would any theme. Select a color scheme first and then find the decor items you wish to include.

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4 Definitive Science Bedroom Decor Themes & Ideas