Using Cow Kitchen Decor to Create a Whimsical Space


Cow kitchen décor doesn't have to be restricted to a classic Americana style of decorating. With historical and even contemporary flare, cow motifs can transcend the whimsical and strike out on their own brindled path.

Create a Cow-Theme Kitchen

If you love cow decorations, you certainly know it. You family and friends probably know it too. Bessie and the rest of the herd may adorn your Christmas tree and almost certainly have pride of place in your kitchen. To make the most of your bovine passions, these tips will help you showcase your collections and share your style without overdoing it.

  • Include solids and neutral colors. Cows are colorful and can appear busy, even if they're rendered in black and white. The popular meandering black and white pattern you're probably so fond of can look great in moderation, but to achieve maximum effect, include some neutral elements. Solids in white, ecru, red, black and even yellow can make your cow cookie jar and salt and pepper shaker collections pop without people seeing spots before their eyes.
  • Give the eye somewhere to rest. Cow placemats, canister sets, dishes, wall art and rugs all have appeal, but they'll get lost if you don't provide a place in your design for the eye to rest. It can be the center of a countertop, a tile floor with a neutral throw rug or simple checked curtains.
  • Change the scale. Small checks and tiny prints look beguiling with cow motifs because they play around with scale, playing off those large meandering curves. If you're using a cow pattern in your area rugs, use a check in your curtains and include a solid tablecloth.
  • Bring in other elements. Cows bring to mind pastures, barns, cowbells, fences, milk bottles, cowboys and lots of other things too. Make your kitchen a haven for cows, but be sure to include other related elements so things don't get too monotonous.
  • Make groupings. The human eye finds uneven groups of objects pleasing. Organize your cowtastic collections in groupings of three or five pieces, and allow some space between them. Varying the height of objects in a collection is a good idea too. Another good choice is to anchor collections together by including them on top of something, like a placemat or dedicated shelf, or in front of (or below) something, like a plaque or wall mounted print.

Sources for Cow Kitchen Decor

You probably have plenty of pleasing cow decorations to beautify your space, but there may be a couple you missed. A black and white "cow" toaster on a red checked placemat will look charming on a countertop, and you can update your backsplash with faux cow tiles that peel-and-stick easy.

These online retailers offer a little more moo for the dedicated cow enthusiast:

Cows Make Charming Kitchen Decor

Cow kitchen décor has a lot to offer. It can be fresh, sweet and eye catching. It's naturally whimsical. If your kitchen is ho-hum and you want it to inspire visitors to smile, sit a spell and enjoy the lighthearted ambiance, a cow kitchen theme is a sure winner.

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Using Cow Kitchen Decor to Create a Whimsical Space