Curved Curtain Rods: Types That Help Add Character


Curved curtain rods make the task of dressing a specialty window simple. Whether you have an arched window, a corner window or a bay window, flexible and curved rods can make the difference.

Window Treatments for Specialty Windows

Special shaped windows can add a lot of character and charm to a home. High arches, bay windows and corner windows can all let the light in while providing some additional interest to the room.

The challenge comes for many homeowners when it's time to decide whether to add window treatments to the space. Standard curtain rods, which extend straight across a window, will obscure the interest in the window's shape. Leaving the window bare, however, can lead to drafts, lack of privacy or an unfinished appearance to the room. This is where curved curtain rods can be of assistance.

What Are Curved Curtain Rods?

There are a number of types of curtain rods which have a bend or curve to them. These rods can curve into a bay or corner window, move up and over an arch or bow out into the room to come down over a window seat. Depending on the material being used, many curved rods are flexible; they can be bent and molded to the exact shape of your window for a custom look.

Types of Curved Rods

Since nearly all windows with an arch, curve or bow are unique in size, you may find that a custom, flexible or bendable rod will suit your needs the best. There are several types of curtain rods with curved features and designs; selecting one will depend on your window shape and your décor.

Custom Rods

Custom curved rods for curtains are available in two materials, aluminum and iron. Aluminum rods are more lightweight and less expensive, but will vary in how much weight they can hold. They suit nearly all sheer panels and come in more modern or contemporary designs.

Iron rods are sturdier and can accommodate heavier drapes. They have a more Old World appearance, which can suit many homes.

Any custom rod will require extremely precise measurements, both of the size of the window and of its curve or arch. A template of brown craft paper traced over the windows arch is a great way to get the right measurements to the manufacturer if they do not come out to measure themselves.

Curved Rods for Bay Windows

Not all bay windows will benefit from using a curved rod. Having straight sections that merely bend or swivel in the corners can work well for many designs. For windows that have more of a round shape than an angled one, however, a curved rod may be the better fit.

Flexible Rods

If the cost of a custom rod is out of your reach, flexible or bendable curtain rods are your best bet for a curved or arched window. Flexible rods are bent as they are attached to the wall above or next to your window. This allows them to follow closely the curve of the window without specific measurements ahead of time.

Flexible and bendable rods may be made of a variety of materials including clear plastics and lightweight metals. Flexible rods come in a wide variety of styles to complement nearly any home, including the plastic rods, which are nearly invisible once installed.

Curved Rods: Best of Both Worlds

Curved curtain rods allow any window in the home, no matter what its shape or style, to have the privacy, warmth and decoration that window treatments provide. Consider purchasing a curved style curtain rod for any custom, arched or bay window in your home to get the best of both worlds.

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Curved Curtain Rods: Types That Help Add Character