Skateboard Bedroom Decor Ideas for the Wild Child

Cool Skate quilt set

Decorating a kid's skateboard bedroom is a fun idea that is likely to please the young skateboard enthusiast in your family.

Skateboard Bedding and Wall Art

Obviously, in order to have a skateboard theme in your child's bedroom, you will need to find some radical skateboard décor.

One idea is to start with is some cool skateboard bedding. You can find quilts and comforters with appliqués or graphic images of skateboarders in action and images of different types of skateboards. Some bedding sets come with matching sheet sets, pillow shams, bedskirts, decorative pillows and even window treatments.

You can take this idea to the next level by supplying your own photos to Vision Bedding. This company is the place to shop for personalized bedroom décor. You can use your own skateboarding photo as the design for your personalized duvet cover or bedspread. You can also use your own photos to create skateboard wall murals and posters. Your kid can pretend he or she is a skateboarding celebrity with the personalized décor that Vision Bedding can create from your photos.

Another great idea you can try is making a wall shelf out of a skateboard. You can do this with an old skateboard that your child is no longer using or you can buy an inexpensive board from a toy store. Remove the wheels and trucks from the bottom of the board (if you want to, otherwise the shelf will still work if you leave them on) and then mount board to the wall.

Mounting a skateboard to a wall is easy. First you will need to install a couple of L brackets to the bottom of the skateboard. Then use drywall screws to mount the board to the wall. Don't forget to use anchors with the screws unless you are screwing into a stud. Otherwise, the skateboard shelf can easily fall out of the wall. You can also customize your child's headboard with a skateboard shelf in the same manner.

Other Skateboard Décor

You can accessorize your kid's skateboard theme bedroom with other décor such as:

This type of décor can be purchased, or if you are a crafty type of person who likes do-it-yourself projects, you can create your own unique skateboard room décor.

Skateboard Bedroom Décor for Girls

Extreme sports are not just for boys anymore. There are plenty of girls who like to participate in sports such as skateboarding, however, the home furnishings industry is still a little behind the times. Overall, skateboarding bedroom décor is mostly marketed towards boys.

Try to find skateboard bedding in nuetral colors that could be appropriate for any gender.

Skateboard Stencils

You can add the finishing touch to your skateboard theme bedroom with a skateboard stencil. You can use skateboard stencils to paint your own images on the wall like the ones offered at Wall to Wall Stencils. If you don't like these designs, learn how to make your own custom wall stencils.

A skateboard theme room is a fun decorating project for a girl or boy's room of any age. The only thing required is a passion for skateboarding.

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Skateboard Bedroom Decor Ideas for the Wild Child