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Gorgeous LED Light Fixtures

Michelle Radcliff

A Bright and Beautiful Future

LED lighting has finally become a practical alternative to the outdated, energy consuming incandescent light, and gorgeous new lighting designs equipped with LED technology have been popping up everywhere. Now you can have jaw-dropping, stunning light fixtures in your home that consume a fraction of the energy of incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen fixtures and will actually save you money on energy costs over time.

To learn more about the products, click the shopping link provided on each slide unless otherwise noted.

Monaco 5 Light Ceiling Fixture

This opulent ceiling fixture is sure to add some glamour to the room. Covered in dozens of inlaid crystals arranged in a circular framework of chrome, the entire fixture sparkles when powered on with the LED bulbs concealed inside.

The fixture comes with four G9 LED bulbs installed but can take up to five lights, so add one more if you want a brighter light. Each G9 LED bulb is equivalent to a 20 or 25 Watt incandescent bulb. Imagine this light on the ceiling of a posh, Parisian style bedroom, a glitzy and glamorous powder room or a group of three adding sparkle and shine to a fancy hallway.

You can find the OVE Decors Monaco 5 Light Chrome Ceiling Flushmount fixture at Home Depot for $126.

Nia Multi-Light Pendant

Lighting designers often look to the natural world for inspiring forms - here, the shell of a Brazilian nut has been replicated into a delicate cast of handmade glass. Designer Robert Paoli lines a single rib of each glass pod with LED lights. A white finish on the glass reflects and diffuses the light. Suspended from customizable cables attached to a round ceiling canopy, each pod measures almost a foot from top to bottom. The fixture can be made with three, six or 12 glass pod lights. At 750 lumens, a three light fixture would be similar in brightness to a 6o Watt incandescent bulb, six lights a 100 Watt incandescent bulb, and 12 lights would be very bright!

Hang a three or six light fixture in a living room corner for an elegant accent light or go with a 12 light fixture centered over the dining room table for a dramatic entertainment setting. This sculptural light fixture will bring a touch of class any room in a modern or contemporary setting.

The Nia Multi-Light Pendant by Leucos Lighting is available at Lightopia for $990-$3415.

The Dome 90 Chandelier

It's not often you come across a chandelier made from wood, nor a design as stunning as the Dome 90 Chandelier. A true example of exquisite craftsmanship, it contains over 150 pieces of wood in beech veneer finish that are intertwined and hand-sewn together to form this intricate structure. The 25W LED light is positioned above the shade to illuminate through the open and diffused areas, creating an epic lighting effect of shadowed patterns below, similar to sitting under a wooden trellis.

This unusual light would make an interesting addition to a room featuring a minimalist, eco-friendly design scheme or added as an eclectic accent in any modern or contemporary setting - think an entryway, sunroom, or covered patio.

The Dome 90 Chandelier by Bover is available at Y Lighting for about $4,700.

Amber Glass Wall Sconce

A polished nickel finish on this LED wall sconce gives the fixture a modern aesthetic but its standout feature is the unusual shade made from amber colored Murano glass droplets. Murano glass is a type of imported Venetian glass made on the island of Murano, using centuries-old glassmaking and blowing techniques that are closely guarded family secrets. Although it is also offered with clear glass, the clear version lacks the tonal color depth and highlights the amber glass provides. This wall fixture comes with a 6 Watt LED bulb and a brightness of 420 Lumens (equal to a 40 Watt incandescent bulb).

Impress your houseguests as they wash their hands by mounting a pair of Amber Droplets LED Wall Sconces on each side of a powder room mirror. They would also make a handsome display mounted over a fireplace mantel or centered on each side of a large piece of framed wall art.

You can find the Stone Lighting Droplets Amber Glass LED Wall Sconce at Luxe Decor for about $370.

Mimi LED Pendant Light

Made from beautiful hand blown art glass, this Maxim Lighting pendant fixture serves as more of a fine art sculpture than simply a light. Large glass flower buds and open blooms are clustered together in a mass of curling glass tendrils and the entire fixture is illuminated from within by 18 integrated 1 Watt LED lights, giving this fixture a total of 18 Watts. In terms of the light output, it's equal to about a 75W incandescent bulb.

This art glass pendant is part of a larger Mimi collection that includes the same design in different sizes and glass colors. The color shown here is an orange-amber called Cognac (inspired by French brandy). The pendant also comes in a smoky gray called Fume, a fiery red called Sunrise and a rich brown called Rootbeer. Hang this pendant over a modern dining room or kitchen table or centered in an upscale bedroom ceiling tray and let it become a focal point. Just use it in a room with additional ceiling lights such as recessed lights to ensure the space has adequate illumination.

You can find this 55 inch high Mimi LED Pendant Light by Maxim Lighting for about $3,560 at Destination Lighting.

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Elan Lighting Round Pendant

The ultra-modern Quillo pendant light by Elan makes a perfect accessory for minimalist design schemes. Finished in pure white, it features an integrated LED light source concealed behind dozens of geometric aluminum squares that appear to be bursting from its center.

The simple yet elegant design of the Quillo pendant allows it to transition from a contemporary dining room light to a stylish bedroom light or an eye-catching pendant for the living room or entryway. It ties in beautifully with rugs or accent pillows featuring geometric prints or patterns and its clean white finish complements practically any color scheme.

The Elan Lighting LED Round Quillo Pendant is available at Amazon for just under $600; click "Buy Now" button on the image to learn more or purchase.

Mercury LED Chandelier/Suspension

This space-aged looking suspension pendant light was designed by Ross Lovegrove of Artemide. Made from die cast aluminum pebbles suspended under a stainless steel reflector, by day the light acts as a sculptural art piece reflecting natural light and movement around it. LED light projected upward by two of the floating, liquid metal-like pebbles bounces off the reflective surfaces of nearby pebbles and the shiny metallic disc above, creating indirect light with the dynamics of natural light.

This artistic fixture contains two integrated 35 Watt LED lights, each one brighter than a 150 W incandescent light bulb. It befits a very modern design scheme and would work well in a room featuring a lot of glass and metal surfaces and tall, wall sized windows.

The Mercury LED Chandelier/Suspension is available at Interior Deluxe for about $4,000.

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WAC Lighting Candy LED Pendant Fixture Wall Sconce

This gorgeous little fixture is both a wall light and pendant in one. The exquisite shade is made from hand-formed layers of folded Piastra art glass ribbon, which creates a beautiful composition of light and shadow when illuminated from within. The integrated LED bulb throws a soft white glow that is also dimmable, helping to create just the right mood.

Available in nine different glass and metallic finishes, this wall light complements a variety of contemporary and transitional decorating styles. The gold/oil rubbed bronze finish pictured here would go well with darker or bolder wall and furniture colors, dark metals or rooms with a lot of warm, rich earth tone colors. In rooms with lighter colors or more modern finishes, choose a fixture with clear or silver glass or nickel or chrome hardware. Mount a pair of these stylish sconces on the wall behind the bed or the living room sofa. Use them to brighten a dark hallway or any place that could benefit from a touch of eye candy.

You can find the WAC Lighting Candy LED Pendant Fixture Wall Sconce at Amazon for about $310; click "Buy Now" on the product image to learn more or purchase.

Feiss Stonesend 3-Tier Chandelier

This showstopping chandelier by Feiss Lighting features three spiraling metal halos in antiqued Silver Leaf finish. Each halo is surrounded by dozens of cascading strings containing an alternating pattern of polished rock crystals and tiny clear crystals. A central halo in each spiral conceals high quality integrated LED lights that cast a warm downward glow.

No matter where you decide to install it, the Stonesend 3-Tier Chandelier commands attention, making it a striking choice for an entryway light, dining room chandelier or a great room accent piece. Dark background wall colors contrast sharply against the shiny metal frame and delicate cascading crystals while still dazzling in a room layered in white. This fixture also complements modern rooms containing natural finishes in wood and stone.

You can find the Feiss Stonesend 3-Tier LED Chandelier at for about $3,000.

Firefrit Pendant

Smooth, sleek and elegant, what makes this simple pendant light so stunning is the specialized glass shade. Frit glass (or glass frit) is a type of fired-on enamel decoration that results in brilliant layers of opaque and translucent color within the glass. Choose from three glass shade colors including white, amber and this eye-catching hue called Ferrari Red. It comes equipped with a 5.8 Watt replaceable LED module and 6 feet of field-cuttable suspension cable.

This pendant can be hung from a single point canopy or from a multi-light monorail system. Think a trio of red pendants hung over an island in a Craftsman style kitchen or a pair of amber pendants suspended on each side of the mirror in a Tuscan style bathroom. A cluster of three red or white pendants staggered at varying heights would make a lovely entryway light in a modern apartment home. Go with antique bronze hardware if your style is more rustic or choose satin nickle or chrome for more modern finishes.

The Firefrit Pendant by Tech Lighting is available at Y Lighting for $360-$380, depending on the finish.

Impulse FR44413POG

Sure to brighten the look of any room, the Impulse Chandelier by Hinkley Lighting instantly draws the eye with its round cluster of tiny glowing spheres. Each delicate stem radiates from a spherical body, giving the fixture a sculptural appearance like an interesting piece of modern art.

The fixture is available in two shiny metallic finishes of polished gold or chrome or a softer finish of cloud white. Its cluster of 30 small lights glows to a brightness of 1900 lumens but luckily, it's dimmable, giving you extra light control.

This elegant chandelier is available at 2 Modern for about $1,400.

Now that LED lighting options have gone far beyond recessed art niche lights, interior cabinet lights and color changing strip lights, the possibilities for amazing lighting designs are truly endless.

Michelle Radcliff
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Gorgeous LED Light Fixtures