Adorable Dessert Wall Art for a Sweet-Looking Kitchen

Cupcake art decor

If you love to bake, or you just love desserts, let your kitchen décor reflect this love with dessert inspired art. Dessert art décor can range from tiles on the backsplash to framed prints on the walls and can be included in any number of kitchen designs.

Adding Art Décor to Kitchen Designs

Your overarching kitchen design may have a theme of its own, such as Modern, Tuscan or Country. This doesn't mean that you can't add some personal touches in the way of art décor to the design as well. As long as the general style of the art and the kitchen match in some way, it's entirely possible to add a secondary theme to your kitchen. When doing so, just make sure to match certain points:

  • Keep the period the same - for instance, use contemporary artwork in a contemporary kitchen
  • Keep materials similar - for instance, use art work with lots of natural materials and colors in Tuscan style kitchens
  • Stick to one secondary theme and repeat it throughout the space
  • Keep the color palette in tune and make sure the art work includes some of the colors present in the kitchen, or their complementary colors

Ways to Include Kitchen Dessert Art Décor

Adding dessert art décor to your kitchen design can be done in several ways. Because images of cupcakes and pies may overwhelm a space, opt for either just a few accents or spread any artwork around the space instead of grouping it.


Art tiles are a great way to add some design and a theme such as desserts to your kitchen. Consider handmade tiles with a three-dimensional image on them, and scatter them throughout the backsplash. Include images of cakes, pies, cookies or fruit and make sure the colors the tiles are painted to pick up the colors from around your kitchen. Use a neutral field tile as the background to give the tiles some pop.

Wall Borders

Wallpaper borders with a repeating design on them can add some dessert art and style to your kitchen. Run a border at wainscot or ceiling height to add a unifying affect to the entire space. Accent the walls above or below the border with some art prints.

Wall Prints

Dessert wall art is the way to make a bold statement in the kitchen. Consider framing some poster-sized prints of dessert paintings or photographs. One large splash of color can be a focal point above the kitchen table while smaller accents like tiles or a border complement and enhance the look.

Vinyl Wall Art

If you're leaning toward a whimsical look for your kitchen dessert art décor, consider getting some vinyl wall decals of desserts. Larger-than-life cupcakes or dishes of ice cream adhered directly to the wall with no frame is the best way to create a fun-filled space.

Framed Vintage Cookbook Pages

If you can't find just the right artwork for your kitchen, consider framing some pages from vintage cookbooks. Dessert cookbooks from the 50s and 60s were frequently filled with both line drawings and brightly colored photographs. Have some neatly matted and framed to add a unique, vintage touch to the space.

Complement With Subtlty

Keep your window treatments, accent rugs and wall color to soft color palette that picks up lighter tones from your dessert artwork. This will show off the art to the best affect without forcing the eye to bounce between two colors or spaces.

Add some dessert art décor to any kitchen design and let your love of baking and dessert shine through the space where you create it.

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Adorable Dessert Wall Art for a Sweet-Looking Kitchen