Quirky Monkey Themed Bathroom Décor Ideas

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If you have one or more "little monkeys" running around in your home, consider decorating their bathroom in a fun, monkey inspired theme. Not only is it a cute decorating idea, a monkey theme can work for either a boy or girl, so it works especially well in bathrooms shared by siblings of the opposite gender.

Wall Décor

Embellish bathroom walls with adorable little monkeys hanging from vines. This is super easy to do with peel-and-stick wall decals. Best of all, these decals are as easy to remove as they are to apply. Simply peel them off the wall, slowly and carefully.

You won't have to worry about peeling any paint off or leaving any sticky residue left behind. This makes a perfect decorating option for those in rental homes. Hang your monkeys at varying levels, just like they would appear in a real jungle.

Apply a monkey inspired wallpaper border at the top or middle of the wall. Hang a grouping of three to five framed art prints featuring monkeys. This looks the most effective with prints of the same type of art.

Find Monkey Decals

Wallmonkeys Decal
Wallmonkeys Decal

Order cute, cartoon-style monkey wall decals at Wall Monkeys. The following links provide an example of similar decals you could use for a cohesive grouping. Sizes start at 13" x 18" for $25 and go up to 48" x 72 " for $119.

Find monkey art prints at Zazzle. Examples of similar prints include:

  • A cute cartoon monkey boy wearing a blue cap also features a blue star behind his smiling face. Sizes start at 4" x 6" for $7.36 and go all the way up to 40" x 40" for $40.70. Standard frames can be added starting at $15.95.
  • A cartoon girl monkey is wearing a purple bow on her head and poses in front of a pink star. The sizes and prices are the same as the boy monkey. Custom framing is also offered but steeply priced, starting at $47.75.
  • The I Love Monkeys print features four squares, two with monkeys, one with a yellow star reading "I love" and the last square has a heart with "monkeys." This print is priced slightly higher than the first two, starting at $8.48 unframed. Standard framed prints start at $15.95.

Browse for monkey themed wallpaper borders on eBay.

Bath Collections

Your kids will love having bath towels with funny or cute monkeys on them. Many monkey themed bath towel sets are part of a larger bath accessory collection. However, most pieces are sold separately, so you can buy just the linens, just the accessories or the entire collection.


Mainstays Monkey Bath Collection Wastebasket
Mainstays Monkey Wastebasket

The Mainstays Monkey Decorative Bath Collection at Walmart features a busy group of monkeys climbing trees, sitting on vines, and hanging from vines. A four piece accessory set for about $34 includes:

  • Soap dish
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Lotion dispenser
  • Tumbler

Other items in this collection include:

  • Wastebasket- $8.96
  • Bath rug- $13.96
  • Shower curtain- $16.96
  • Bath towel- $6.96

Custom and DIY Linens

Another option is to design your own custom monkey-inspired bath linens. At Vision Bedding, you can find hundreds of different monkey images, both photo realistic and cartoon style. Choose the image you like and have it made into a shower curtain, bath towel or a furry wrap. Prices start at $99 for shower curtains, $24.99 for bath towels and $47.99 for furry wraps.

You can also make your own monkey-themed towels by sewing a strip of fabric at the bottom edge. Take it one step further by adding a fabric appliqué initial on the towel. Check out this tutorial on DIY embellished hand towels and visit Spoonflower to find lots of cute monkey fabric starting at $17.50 per yard.

Potty Training Accessories

Monkey Bathroom Decals
Monkey Toilet Decals

If your little monkey is just learning the finer nuances of bathroom etiquette, use these accessories to entice potty training:

  • Monkey Toilet Decals- The same concept as peel-and-stick wall decals, these adorable monkey decals sell for $14.95 and are perfect for embellishing the toilet. They can also be used on any smooth surface such as the outside of a pedestal sink or bathtub, glass shower doors, the back of the bathroom door, mirrors and walls.

Go Bananas!

Although entire bath collections are convenient, you don't necessarily have to use all the items from a single collection. Get creative with your monkey themed bathroom by using a mix of monkey bath linens, wall art and accessories.

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Quirky Monkey Themed Bathroom Décor Ideas