Home Improvement Grants in New Jersey

Home Improvement Grants in New Jersey

Home improvement grants help residents create a safer home or improve the return on their investment by providing the financial assistance needed to make repairs, improvements or remodel. Residents of New Jersey may be eligible for specific grants through state and federal programs.

New Jersey-Based Home Improvement Grants

While there aren't many grants available for home repairs and improvements, there are a few directed just at residents of New Jersey.

Union County Home Improvement Program

If you are a resident of Union County in New Jersey, you may be eligible to receive money through the Home Improvement Program, which distributes funds to homeowners with low and moderate income. This program is funded through the Community Development Block Grant Funds. Applicants must describe their home improvement needs, income and the ages of all residents of the home to be screened for approval.

Weatherization Assistance

If your home has been damaged in a storm, or needs improvements to help it withstand future storm damage, you may be eligible for funds in New Jersey through Weatherization Assistance. Grant money is available to elderly, disabled and income-qualified residents for repairs, or to help improve the energy efficiency of their home. Qualified applicants must apply between October 1 and September 30 or April 1 and March 31.

Other Grants

Often grant money may be available for specific types of home improvements or repairs, or to specific communities that have already benefited from Community Development Block grants. To find out if there is money available in your area, you have a few options:

  • Visit your local town hall to see if there is town or state money available to you.
  • Contact your local senator. Some senators, like Senator Menendez, have specific programs to help residents find federal grant money.

Federal Grants

In addition to grants available only to citizens of New Jersey, there is also federal grant money available that is earmarked for New Jersey residents.

USDA Rural Development

The United States Department of Agriculture, Rural Development division makes grant money available to residents of New Jersey that live in rural or underdeveloped areas. Grants are available under this program for qualifying residents for the following areas:

  • Rural housing repair and rehabilitation: To qualify, applicants must be at least 62 years of age and be unable to qualify for credit due to low income.
  • Housing preservation: To qualify, the homeowner must prove low income, or that they rent the property to individuals who have extremely low income.
  • Farm labor housing: Grants are available to farmers in New Jersey who need the money to repair or maintain the main home or dwelling on the property.


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has additional funds available through the Community Development Block Grant Fund program. If you believe your community as a whole would benefit from grant money, it may be possible to apply as a community to receive funds.


Grants.gov is a program managed by The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as a portal for finding and applying for federal grant money. There are specific grants available for home repairs and home improvements. Applicants apply right on the site, and can log in at any time to check the progress or status of their application. Use the search engine on the page to look for the type of grant you are after and to see what you need to qualify.

Apply Today

New Jersey residents who may qualify for grant money should take the time to apply. Grant money does not have to be repaid, making this an excellent way to get the funds needed for repairs and home improvements.

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Home Improvement Grants in New Jersey