5 Inspiring Laundry Room Decor Ideas and Helpful Tips

Laundry room decor

Laundry rooms are often neglected, but can be given the same kind of design attention as other rooms. There are specific materials you can use to create an interesting and cohesive design for this utilitarian space.

5 Laundry Room Design Ideas

You can transform a dingy drab laundry room into an attractive space that you'll enjoy working in by paying attention to a few important details, such as walls, flooring, decorative storage, colors, and patterns.

#1 Mosaic Tile Accents

Tile in laundry room

This laundry room uses large rectangular wall tiles with a vertical mosaic tile accent. In lieu of crown molding, a wide white border is painted above the tile. A built-in corner shelving unit is decorated with crown molding for added aesthetics. The washer and dryer are tucked underneath the granite countertop. A tilting trash can cabinet door is conveniently located to the side of the dryer. A floating decorative shelf is positioned above the countertop. Large square travertine tile features the same wall mosaic tile pattern.

How To Recreate

Even though this laundry room occupies a small space, it appears larger through the optical illusion that the three types of tiles give. The horizontal lines created by the rectangular-shaped wall tiles and the wide white painted strip above the tiles serve to make the wall appear longer than it is. Visually, this opens the space. The oversized floor tiles add to the illusion of a larger floor space contrasted with the small mosaic tile accent lines crossing each other.

You can recreate this look by selecting similar tiles and countertop. For such a small space, most budgets can stretch to purchase high-end materials to give this small laundry space a luxurious aesthetic appeal. Transform a bi-folding closet space, alcove between the kitchen and bath or the end of a rear entrance mud room.

#2 Shelves for Decorative Objects

The Laundry Room Loads Of Fun Quote Vinyl Wall Decal
Laundry room with quote wall decal

This laundry room is fun and decorative. It begins with light blue walls and weathered gray plank flooring, and the decorative items match the rest of the color scheme, giving it a light and airy feel.

Two glass shelves with black metal brackets hold several decorative objects that have white, blue, and gray items:

  • Frame stylized prints: Use your printer to create graphics with the color palette you decide to use.
  • Glass bowl: Fill with colored glass stones to hold faux flowers.
  • Apothecary jar: Fill with colored glass beads or detergent pods.
  • Decorative box: Choose a decorative hinged box to break up the height of framed art and apothecary jars.

A metal glass shelving unit can be utilitarian while also being used to add other decorative objects, such as storage fabric boxes to hold various laundry products. Finish decorating with laundry or cleaning themed word art above the shelving unit.

#3 Botanical Theme

Laundry room wall stenciling

This laundry design capitalizes on the wall space with overhead cabinets. The wall above and below the hanging cabinets is decorated with a fern stencil or wallpaper in a soft green color.

Storage and Display Elements

A shelf between the two cabinets is used for decorative purposes with three blooming bulb plants. The countertop underneath the shelf is filled with glass containers and a framed painting.

A clothesline (barely visible in photo) is strung between the two corner cabinets for drying delicates. The washer and dryer are tucked underneath the countertop with storage cabinets on either side.

#4 Artistic Beachy Touch

Beach themed laundry room

A beachy blue wall color sets the mood in this laundry space. A shadow box is created above the washer and dryer.

Display Art and Collections

Display personal works of art or photographs that feature a beach trip, or as in this example, an ocean stained glass scene. The top shelf displays a collection of decorative glasses and a word art sign; while they may not be overtly beachy, the colors match the rest of the room providing a cohesive look. Use the shelf to display a personal collection or simply select creative objects for decorations. The bottom shelf is reserved for laundry supplies and sprinkled with a couple of decorative objects, like the clipboard with rustic finish.

Artsy Storage Items

Be clever and use everyday items for storage that are also decorative, such as the metal beach pails hung on the wall. If you're artistic, then paint these with exotic flowers or glue seashells to the front. The two wicker style baskets add to the beachy look. For a finished touch, add a customized hall tree that features cubby shelves that also be used to display decorative items.

#5 Dramatic Flooring

Laundry room with dramatic flooring

A plain laundry room can be transformed by something as simple a changing the flooring. This tile flooring is dramatic in colors and pattern. The tiles are placed in a diagonal pattern for a greater "wow" effect. This placement adds the feeling of movement and high energy. A large wicker basket with a linen liner is just waiting for fresh clothes from the dryer. Stainless steel canisters hold laundry powders, fabric softeners and other laundry sundries.

Flooring Is a Design Changer

Before you set out to undertake a complete remodel of your laundry room, consider what a simple change of flooring might do to achieve the design look you want. Floors and walls are the two largest hard surfaces in a room. In addition to changing the floor, you can also paint the room a new hue to give a fresh and cheaper alternative to a complete remodel.

General Decorating Ideas and Tips

Contemporary laundry room

When decorating a laundry room, it helps to approach your design options the same way you would any other room. Consider the overall effect you wish to create with your design. You have several types of decorative options that can be selected to match personal taste and displayed to give this room a cohesive homey appeal.

  • Word art
  • Potted plants
  • Wall art
  • Wall decals
  • Framed prints or fabrics
  • Decorative boxes and baskets
  • Throw or area rug
  • Decorative benches or stools

Themed Décor

Choosing a theme will help you narrow the vast choices available for decorating a laundry room. Some suggestions include:

  • You can make your decorations all about the laundry room with a linen, washing, and chore theme.
  • You may prefer to focus on a regional theme, such as beach, mountains, or desert.
  • If you raise dogs, cats, horses or other animals, use this for a theme.
  • If you live on a farm, consider using farm animal motifs or take inspiration from the black and white markings of a Jersey cow.
  • Country cottage, English cottage, rustic cabin, or ultra modern are just a few style themes you might choose.

Make It Fit

When decorating a laundry room, turn your focus on making it part of your overall home decorating scheme. Incorporate some of the same motifs, patterns, colors and styles used in other rooms. By paying attention to these and other details, this room will flow with the rest of your home décor.

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5 Inspiring Laundry Room Decor Ideas and Helpful Tips