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Virtual House Design
How to Build a Virtual House

There are many online games that allow players to build a virtual house. Creating a virtual home for a character can be both a fun and rewarding task. The dwellings created can vary from a simple one room apartment to a multiple level mansion with all the amenities. The extravagance of the domicile created is only limited by the imagination of the user.

Why Build a Virtual House

There are many reasons why you might want to go through the trouble of building your character a virtual house. First, it makes your playtime more aesthetically appealing. Many games allow the user to customize one room or an entire home or business as they see fit. There are a variety of makeover games that allow girls to create their very own room. It is fun to pick and choose and design your character's habitat.

Another reason you might want to build a house in your virutal world, is to advance to a new level within the game. Some online games require the player to create or customize a dwelling for the character to gain a new level. An example of this type of game is Mall Tycoon.

The final reason you may want to spend the time creating a virtual house, is to earn cash and rewards for the player. When the user chooses to build a virtual house in this type of environment, the character will often earn money and points within the game. This allows the character to purchase more things for the online environment.

Design Games for Your Virtual House

There are several online design games that allow you to design rooms for your virtual home.

Design Your Own Tree House

Design Your Own Tree House lets players create a unique space. The user can create their very own virtual tree house. From the start of the game, the user chooses every detail of the tree house from the type of arbor that will be used to the color of the sky. Once built the home can be customized to reflect the personal likes of the user.

Castle Maker

Designed for children, Castle Maker allows the player to design their very own castle. The user is allowed to tailor every detail in the game to their liking. During play the user chooses items to adorn the castle and create a welcoming place fit for a king or a fortress that displays the power of the royals.

Second Life

If you are willing to sign up for the premium membership, you can customize your virtual self a beautiful home in the game, Second Life. The dwellings in this game are quite spectacular, however, don't plan on spending a lot of time in your virtual home since there are so many other ways in which to get involved.

Have Fun and Get Inspired

You can literally get lost in designing things for your virtual home. Room by room, add accents, change colors, and move the furniture. You can even use your virtual world to help inspire something in your real life home. You are limited only by your creativity.

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Build a Virtual House