Cigar Lounge Décor Ideas

Cigar room with leather chairs

Designing a décor for a cigar lounge focuses on color, texture, and comfort. Visions of the ideal connoisseur smoking area usually conjures up images of leather, wood, cognac, and board games. Six design steps make creating this room fun and easy.

6 Design Steps to a Great Cigar Lounge

Many cigar lounges are located in separate buildings attached to the home, while others are situated near a wine cellar, game room, or basement area. The cigar room is sealed to keep the odors from permeating the rest of the house. This requires an adequate ventilation system. Another must-have item is some type of humidor to store the cigars. These can be elaborate walk-ins styles or smaller systems.

Once you have taken these necessary steps to build your smoking haven, it's time to turn your attention to creating the perfect décor.

#1 Walls and Flooring

The traditional décor style for a cigar lounge is masculine. Many women also smoke cigars and less masculine touches can certainly be incorporated into your design -- simply replace some of the elements with more feminine ones.


Going with the masculine design, the color palette for this room is usually rich with color and dark woodwork. The wall space is the largest space in a room, followed by the floor space. Start with a color and choose either paint or a wallcovering. You can break up the wall space with woodwork, architectural features, and wall art.

rich color on walls in lounge
Warm, rich color on walls
  • Paint colors: A warm color palette works great with dark woodwork. Go for a rich luxurious gold, pantone bassa nova or primrose yellow. Cooler colors will work, just be sure to use some warm colored accent pieces in the room design. Paints, such as forest hills green or navy blue will look great with warm yellow, orange, or red accent fabrics and objects.
  • Wallcoverings: Wallpaper can be used above a dark wood wainscoting to add depth to a room design and keep dark woodwork from making the room too dark. Some great choices are grasscloths, stripes and plaids, that will add color and texture to walls.
  • Woodwork: Traditional woodwork stains in dark walnut or red chestnut will give warmth and an added layer to your room design that will give it a rich and expensive look.


You can layer the floor to create the homey and cozy ambiance often found in lounge areas. A wood or stone floor won't absorb odors from cigar smoke. While you should have a good ventilation system to remove the majority of the smoke, odors can still become trapped in porous surfaces, such as fabrics.

Select an area rug size so that all or at least part of the furniture (the front legs of chairs), rests on top of it. If working with a large room, then you can use one or more area rugs to further define the spaces, such as conversation and gaming table areas. You can add a whimsical touch with an accent rug outside the entrance to your cigar lounge or at the bar area.

#2 Leather Chairs and Other Furniture

Classic leather chair
Classic leather chair

The traditional look of a cigar room is reminiscent of old English men's club interior that featured leather chairs and sofas. This style is perfect for the classic look of distressed leather high back chairs or traditional wing back chairs. You may prefer the other classic look of tufted leather club chairs featuring rolled arms and nailhead accents.

You want to splurge on this furniture since it will determine just how comfortable time spent in this room will be. If working with a small room design, then select two matching chairs.

Large Room Seating Must Haves

If you choose a larger room and plan on entertaining more than one person at a time, you'll need to provide equally comfortable seating for them. Select a matching sofa or simply add another pair of matching chairs to create a four-chair seating area.

For larger lounges, include a game table and chairs. You may want to invest in leather chairs with personalized logos of your favorite sports team or cigar brand like ones you'd find in professional cigar lounges and bars. Consider selecting a chair that will fit a hand-crafted cigar holder in a wood finish with a cigar rest and stainless steel well.

Bar Furniture

Traditional home bar
Traditional home bar

Including a bar area in your cigar room doesn't require a lot of furniture. Select a standalone serving bar or a bar set that includes two barstools. Another option is a hide-a-way bar cabinet that opens to display liquors and wines. If space is premium, then opt for a wall bar. A 12-bottle wine cooler is a must have for this area.

Game Table and Other Tables

Many people allow their cigar lounge to double as a poker game room. You can add a poker table and custom chairs in a corner or in the center of the room. If you are a board game lover, select a chess/backgammon table to place between the two chairs for a friendly game.

End tables, small side tables, a low round table for a chair grouping, an elaborate coffee table, and a coffee table humidor serve to hold ashtrays, drinks, and table lamps may also be needed, depending on the size of your room. Be sure that you select a table style that is in keeping with the other furniture in your cigar lounge.

#3 Architectural Features

Use architectural features to your advantage and incorporate them into your overall design.

Wood paneled fireplace surround
Wood paneled fireplace surround

#4 Fabrics for Upholstery, Pillows, and Window Treatments

Fabrics are an excellent way to soften up and make a masculine room feel warmer and friendly. The textures are very important. Go with either solid colors or patterns that reflect the masculine style of the room.

Go with dark red damask chenille curtain panels or green velvet draperies on the windows. Chenille fabrics for upholstering throw pillows and lumbar pillows will give a traditional look to the room. These will look good against the leather furniture and add a feeling of warmth.

If your design is modern, then choose Duponi silk or linen for draperies and geometric patterns or suede abstract designs for pillows will repeat the style.

#5 Accessories

Tanna by Design interior room
Accessories in room décor

The accessories you select for the room will complete the overall look. These should be carefully selected so that each piece makes a statement about the purpose of the room. This is also a great opportunity to personalize this space.

Examples of cigar related accessories include:

Other accessories can include a variety of metal and glass objects, faux leather wine boxes, leather-bound books, wall tapestries, oil painting reproductions and hobby collections.

You may decide that a specific theme, such as golf, wine enthusiast, equestrian, or some other hobby, is a way to personalize your cigar lounge décor. Use private collections, photos, and paintings, as well.

#6 Lighting

Layered interior lighting

Lighting is vital to the success of your overall room design. If the lighting is too harsh, the ambiance will be destroyed. If the room is poorly lit, then the effect of all the detailed choices you've made will be lost. The best way to light a room is by layering it. This includes floor lamps, table lamps, bar lighting, under cabinet and recessed ceiling lights. You can place various lights on dimmer switches to have better control over the room lighting.

For example, the area for a game table for poker will need good lighting and can be provided by an overhead light fixture set low enough to the table. Wall sconces and unique table lamps can add more than just light to your décor scheme.

Creating a Smoking Haven

The cigar lounge décor should be inviting and relaxing. The most important aspect in selecting furnishings and accessories is to make sure they reflect the ambiance and style you want. This will enhance the pleasure of smoking cigars in your own lounge.

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Cigar Lounge Décor Ideas