7 Creative TV Storage Ideas That Save Space

Hidden Vision TV Wall Mount
Extended Flipout TV Wall Mount by Hidden Vision

Having a television in the living room or bedroom can be convenient and relaxing, but that doesn't mean you want to look at it all the time or have it disrupt the beauty of your room. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to store your TV, making it easy to access when you want to watch a show and easy to hide when you just want to enjoy your home.

Seven Creative Storage Ideas for Your TV

Hidden Behind a Picture Frame

For the ultimate classy TV storage solution, conceal your television behind a painting, photograph, or other work of art. Here are a couple of popular designs:

The television mounts from Hidden Vision come in a flip-out style and a flip-around style. Perfect for the bedroom, the flip-out style folds out from the wall to suspend a television over your bed. When you return it to the wall, it looks like a painting. Hidden Vision also features the flip-around style, where the artwork flips around to reveal the TV. This is perfect for over the fireplace or for an accent wall of your home.

Built-In Cabinet

Built-in bookcases and buffets add a high-end touch to any home, and they are frequently a fixture in Craftsman houses and other early architectural styles. Constructing a new built-in or modifying an existing unit allows you to display your TV when you want to and keep it hidden when you don't.

To display your TV in an existing built-in, you can remove shelves from a bookcase to create a space large enough for the television and any associated equipment like the DVD player, game system, and cable box. Have a cabinet maker install coordinating hinged doors that you can close to conceal your entertainment equipment. Make sure the doors are stained or painted to match the rest of the built-in.

For a new built-in, you can start from scratch and design the space to fit any size of TV. Add bookcases on either side and cabinet doors to hide the equipment.

Concealed in a Closet

If you have an unused closet in your living room or bedroom, you can easily convert it into a hidden entertainment area. Add shelves to accommodate the television and associated entertainment equipment. You can also store DVDs, CDs, games, game equipment, and other items in this space. When you're done watching TV, simply close the closet doors.

Keep these tips in mind if you choose to try this idea:

  • Remember, if your closet is deep, you'll want to have your TV as close to the front of the closet as possible. That way, it will be easier for people to see it from any angle.
  • Consider replacing bi-fold closet doors with flat sliding doors. Bi-fold doors can block the viewing from some areas of the room.
  • Add an electrical outlet and cable to the closet so that you don't have wires running through your home.

Pop-Up Cabinet

Fitch Mahogany TV Lift Cabinet by Cabinet Tronix
Fitch Mahogany TV Lift Cabinet by Cabinet Tronix

You can also conceal your television in a pop-up cabinet, like the ones available from Cabinet Tronix. The cabinet looks like a sideboard or console with doors and drawers for storage of other media items; however, it also features a motorized lift for your television. At the touch of a button, your TV emerges from the top of the cabinet so you can easily view it. When you're done watching, you can push a button to conceal the TV again.

Television in Bench Lid

If you have a large bench or chest with a hinged lid, you can create hidden storage for a smaller television. Mount the TV on the underside of the lid of the bench. When you lift up the hinged lid to open it, it will reveal the television. Just make sure you use locking hinges so the bench lid won't accidentally close when you don't want it to.

This is a perfect solution for the bedroom, since many people have a bench at the foot of the bed for changing clothes and shoes. You can still use the unit as a bench during the day and then as a television display in the evening.

Pull-Down Vintage Map

Perfect for a family room or other casual space, you can use a pull-down vintage-style map to conceal your television. To do this, hang your TV on the wall as usual. Then mount a rolled map just above it. To hide the TV, simply pull the map down. When you want to watch, roll it back up.

Changing the Focal Point

No matter how you choose to conceal and decorate around your TV, you're removing it as the central focal point in your room. This allows you and your guests to focus instead on the beautiful furniture and artwork you've chosen to decorate your home.

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7 Creative TV Storage Ideas That Save Space