32 Striking Dragonfly-Themed Décor Ideas for Your Home

Sweet Jojo Designs Green Dragonfly Dreams Kid Twin Bedding Collection
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Highlight your love of dragonflies by using this motif in your home décor. Start with each room in your home, adding one or two items in each to carry the theme throughout or opt to include dragonfly designs in only a few rooms. It's entirely up to you.

Foyer or Entrance Area

The foyer or entranceway to your home sets the design and style for the rest of your décor. It's the preview that announces to visitors what's to follow. By paying attention to details in this often small space, you can give a hint of dragonflies, such as with a wall tapestry. Consider including these other decorative touches:

  • Add a Tiffany-styled stained glass lamp for extra lighting placed on a console table in the foyer.
  • If the entranceway is too confining for furniture, then choose a pair of framed dragonfly prints for a great reception wall.
  • Set a stylish umbrella stand in the corner by the door for those rainy day catches.
  • An indoor/outdoor rug can be used outside your front door or select one for inside of the foyer or entrance area.


Dragonfly Wallpaper at Porter's Paints

Hallways are often neglected spaces since they are used so frequently and considered not a room but a connector to rooms. However, you can still take advantage of wall and floor space to carry your dragonfly motif deeper into your home décor.

  • Use rug runners to match the colors of your dragonfly wallpaper design, or hang photos/prints or decals to add color and design to this space.
  • If you don't like the look of wallpaper, cut several sizes of dragonfly shapes out of interesting patterned papers that can be framed for unique wall groupings.
  • You might want to change out electric wall sconces, add metal wall candle sconces, or opt for overhead light fixtures to reflect this theme.

Living Room

Design Toscano KS2062 Traditional Dragonfly Occasional End Table
Dragonfly Occasional End Table

The living room is a great choice for featuring your dragonfly motif.

Accessories and Accents

Furniture and Fabrics

Shop for the upholstery fabrics to cover existing furniture pieces, but you don't have to reupholster anything to get a new look. Instead, just use a furniture throw to create a dragonfly-themed décor. You can opt for upholstery fabrics or simply add a few throw pillows to accent with dragonflies.

Walls and Windows

Home Office

Every home office needs a stunning stained glass torchiere lamp to uplight a dark corner.


Be sure to add artwork featuring dragonflies, such as a hand painted oil canvas. Create an accent wall with a stencil and place your desk in front of this wall.


Dragonfly throw pillow
Dragonfly throw pillow

Dragonfly pillows can be added to a chair or couch and even custom-made from purchased fabrics. If you are a seamstress, then sew a pair of new draperies to complete the fabric look.

Desk lighting can be fun, too, with a Tiffany bronze table lamp to provide decorative task lighting. A bookshelf or bookcase can be highlighted with a few pieces of art, such as dragonfly pottery pieces.

Dragonfly-Themed Bedrooms

The bedroom is a great place to personalize with dragonfly décor.

Children's Bedrooms

Add a splash of dragonfly theme with a small area rug beside a bed. Some rugs can be customized to make a child's bedroom extra special. Continue adding pieces to other areas.

  • Wall decals are great ways to decorate a child's bedroom walls.
  • Add a couple of wall hooks for coats placed on a wall, back of door, or inside a closet.
  • Make a whimsical statement with window film that any kid will love.
  • Bedding is another way to capitalize on this fun motif to a child's bedroom.

Baby's Nursery

Design a nursery with a nine-piece dragonfly bedding ensemble. Choose a special work of art or print crafted especially for your child's nursery. Many can be customized to include your child's name.

Select a crib mobile that's unique and fun. Dragonfly wall decals or stickers are easy to install and remove when your child outgrows them.

Master Bedroom


Designing a dragonfly motif bathroom can start with something as simple.

  1. Look for bathroom accessories with a dragonfly theme, such as a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and other key accessories.
  2. Next, add a few decorative dragonfly bath towels and a matching rug.
  3. Add a shower curtain and dragonfly curtain hooks.
  4. Complete the room with a wooden spa-style dragonfly plaque and a three-light Tiffany stained glass vanity light fixture.

If you're "less is more" kind of decorator, opt for a simplistic word art decal instead of the plaque and stained glass fixture. If your budget allows, you may want to invest in a dragonfly vessel sink to give your bathroom a stunning unique look.

Kitchen and Breakfast Area

The kitchen is a great place for keeping up with sets of keys. Try a keyhook rack made from wood with metal dragonflies for a great look. Other decorations might include the following:

Add a border wallpaper to the kitchen and breakfast room to give your room design greater depth. Decorate the walls further with a metal wall art dragonfly.

Dining Room

One of the most elegant ways to introduce a dragonfly motif with table linens and set of dinnerware. Include additional pieces to round out the theme in the dining room.

  • A dragonfly upholstered side chair creates the ambiance you want in your dining room design.
  • On the buffet or sideboard set a silver beaded napkin box with a heavy silver dragonfly weight.

Decide Where to Use Dragonfly Motifs

The ideal way to use any motif in a home interior is to make sure each addition fits into your overall décor. Match each item in color and style. Be sure to layer for texturing and you'll end up with a design you can enjoy for a long time.

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