5 Smart Decorative Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

mirror grouping

Professional interior decorators and designers often use mirrors to enhance a room's design scheme. In addition to being decorative, mirrors can also be functional by helping to distribute light and by adding dimension to a space. Mirrors can be used to decorate in many creative ways and these five tips will help you see mirrors in a whole new light!

Focal Point on an Accent Wall

mirror as focal point

Accent walls add interest to a room and provide a great background for focal points. A mirror can be used very effectively as a focal point and, when hung on an accent wall, it will really stand out. This will require a very large, ornately framed mirror that is placed on a wall that is painted a darker or brighter color than the other walls in the room. The wall could also be covered in some type of wood paneling, wallpaper, tile or stone. The style and frame of the mirror should complement the wall.

There can be more than one focal point in a room. Therefore, the mirror can share the spotlight or enhance another focal point such as a large picture window (by reflecting the view), a chandelier or a fireplace. A large mirror can add dimension and the illusion of more space in a small room.

Multiple Mirror Wall Grouping

multiple mirrors on a wall

You can get very creative with mirrors by grouping them together to create artistic wall displays. There are several different ways to do this. However, your grouping will look best if there is some type of unifying element that ties it together other than the fact that the grouping is made up of mirrors. Here are a few suggestions to harmonize the display:

  • Use mirrors that are all the same shape
  • Use mirrors that have the same frame color
  • Use mirrors that are all the same size
  • Use a collection of antique mirrors
  • Use frameless mirrors

A group of mirrors that share a common theme will make a very impressive wall display. It might even lead to a new hobby as you look for mirrors to add to your collection.

Mirrored Centerpiece Display

mirrored centerpiece

Use small mirrors underneath a centerpiece, floral arrangement or sculpture. A small mirror also makes an excellent vanity tray for displaying decorative perfume bottles. The mirror acts as a base to help anchor a grouping of display items. The decorative items placed on top will be reflected in the mirror below, helping to further enhance the display. This same concept is often used in display cabinets that have mirrored shelves or rear walls, so that the display items can be shown from multiple sides.

You can find inexpensive mirrors at yard sales and thrift stores.

Mirror Tiles

mirror tiles

There are numerous ways to decorate with mirror tiles. Mirrored glass tiles come in many sizes, colors and shapes. You can even buy mirror tile sheets to cover large areas on the wall or to use as a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom. Mirror tiles can be used with ceramic tiles in random patterns for a spark of shine.

Larger mirror tiles can be used to create patterns for wall displays. Mirror tiles can also be used to embellish furniture, such as a headboard. Create your own mirror tiles by carefully covering a ceramic tile with mirrored contact paper. This could be useful for those who rent and would like to customize a ceramic tile backsplash.

Using Broken or Damaged Mirrors in a Mosaic

mirrored gazing ball

If you're not overly superstitious, you can even decorate with a cracked, broken or damaged mirror. Lay the mirror face down on a sheet or towel covering a hard surface and break it into small pieces with a hammer. Be sure to wear safety glasses and heavy work gloves. The glass pieces will be razor sharp and could cause serious injury to your hands.

Use the broken glass pieces to embellish decorative accents such as a frame, a lamp base, a trinket box or a garden gazing ball. You can further enhance your mirror mosaic project with transparent glass paint.

Take a Moment to Reflect

Whether you are using one large decorative mirror as a focal point for an accent wall or using many mirrors in a grouping, strategically placing mirrors opposite a large window or near other light sources will help distribute light throughout the room and add interest to your design scheme. For more mirror decorating ideas, browse through home decorating magazines and interior design photo galleries online. Clip out or print images that inspire you. Create your own design portfolio to refer back to and get ready to decorate!

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5 Smart Decorative Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style