10 Bold Man Cave Décor Ideas: Private & Fun

Personal Man Space


Guys need some space of their own - a place where they can let loose with friends, get in shape, entertain themselves or just quietly recharge by indulging in a favorite hobby or surrounding themselves with favorite things.

The ultimate man cave will vary from one individual to the next, as the function of the room should cater to each guy's passions and interests. It can be a multifunctional space where daytime workouts evolve into dart games and beer with friends in the evening or it can be focused solely on his favorite pastime.

Poker Cave


For the man who loves to vacation in Vegas, a poker table takes center stage in a card shark themed retreat. Poker tables come in various shapes and sizes with padded edges, smooth, casino quality colored felt and cup holders for beverages. Save money by purchasing just the tabletop, which fits on most standard round or square tables.

A small bar comes in handy for drinks and refreshments. This can be as simple as a portable bar cart stocked with liquor, mixers and an ice bucket.

Billiards Cave


A pool table makes the ultimate man cave accessory. Choose a table style that fits with the rest of the room's decor. Overhead pendant lighting acts as task lighting while creating a cozy ambience. Pub tables provide extra seating for guests.

If space permits, additional games can be added such as a dart board, foosball table or air hockey table.

Book Cave


If your significant other prefers the quiet solitude of an epic novel, the sophistication of a traditional style library may be more his speed.

Floor to ceiling bookcases filled with hard cover classics and vintage collectibles makes a cozy atmosphere for reading. Include a comfortable easy chair or recliner for hours of reading with his favorite novels. Rich leather upholstery and highly polished wood furniture create an elegant atmosphere.

Bar Cave


Keep your man at home on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings by allowing him to have his own home sports bar. If he's handy with tools and likes to build things, there are plenty of home bar plans online he can use to build his own bar. Installing a chair rail with wood paneling underneath warms the room with a cozy, pub-like feel.

Alternatively, smaller, ready made bars ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars can be bought and stocked with his favorite liquor and wine. Include a beverage cooler to keep his favorite beer cold. Add a pub table or two for extra seating.

Be sure to include a wall mount flat screen TV so your guy and his friends can catch all the action of their favorite sports teams.

Gamer's Cave


Make a gaming man cave a comfortable place for both gamers and guests. Include plenty of comfortable seating with a sofa, a few easy chairs and floor cushions or bean bag chairs. A coffee table and optional end tables provide a convenient place for drinks and refreshments. Add a few framed posters of his favorite video games and warm up the space a bit with the greenery of live house plants.

Workshop Cave


Some men love to spend their free time tinkering, building, repairing or modifying whatever they can get their hands on. A workshop man cave is best suited in an area such as the basement, garage or outdoor shed. A convenient organization system for tools can also serve as a focal point. A wall full of tools on display is a beautiful sight for any passionate craftsman.

Built-in cabinetry can serve as additional storage in a workshop cave. Alternatively, metal shelving and plastic bins can serve the same purpose. A work table or bench provides a convenient surface to work on smaller items while additional floor space may be necessary for larger projects.

Recording Studio Cave


This man cave will appeal to the dedicated musician who wants his music heard. A quality home recording studio can easily set you back thousands of dollars, depending on the type of recording that takes place. The basics to start a home studio include:

  • Desktop computer
  • Recording software
  • An interface system
  • Monitors
  • Headphones
  • Microphones

In addition to the necessary electronic equipment, sound proofing the room is another consideration that shouldn't be overlooked. Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, thermal curtains and insulating materials for floors will prevent sound from entering or leaving the room. Instruments or vintage album covers make nice wall decor.

Hunter's Cave


For a man who loves the great outdoors and the sport of hunting or fishing, his man cave should be a showcase of his outdoor adventures.

Taxidermy mounts act as hard-won trophies and become conversation pieces as each one will have a story. Wood paneling, wood furniture and leather upholstery create a masculine feel. Display rifles and other firearms in glass and wood locked cabinets. Crossbows and large hunting knives also make impressive displays in a rugged, hunter man cave.

Include some framed photographs of the mountainous areas or woods where your man likes to hunt or camp. Mount any other gear that would make an interesting wall display, such as a pair of snowshoes, canoe paddles or a fly fishing pole with net.

Collector's Cave


Furnish and decorate a collector's cave based on the items being collected. For example, a coin collection covering currency from all over the world could have an international theme with posters of cities and countrysides abroad.

Floor to ceiling wall shelves may be necessary for very large collections. Other items might be better viewed inside glass display cases, such as comic books or action figures. For vintage or antique objects, consider weathered barn wood or wrought iron shelves for a rustic look.

Use a modern, edgy twist to display items such as modern art or electric guitars. Floating glass shelves or glass shadow boxes provide a contemporary look for modern collectibles.

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10 Bold Man Cave Décor Ideas: Private & Fun