Surf-Themed Room Décor: A Wave of Inspiration

Surf theme bed

For a surfer, nothing equals riding a wave. The thrill of paddling hard to catch the wave and standing up is like floating or flying as the board glides along the curl of the wave. This is where a surfer wants to be, but it's impossible to be on the water all the time. The challenge for creating a surfer's décor is to capture this excitement and joy.

Nature's Color Palette

There are three elements of nature that you can use to create an exciting surfing décor. These include the ocean, beach, and sun.

nature's color palette
Color palette

#1 Ocean and Sky

The ocean is the biggest element you want to convey in your design. This can be translated foremost through the use of the color blue. The sky is also blue and between the two there are many hues of blue that you can use in this design.

#2 Beach

The beach can be white, beige, or even black depending on your surfing location. Use beige and white to convey this element in your color scheme. For example, a sand-colored Berber or sisal rug is ideal to grace a tile or wood floor.

# 3 Sun

Yellow and orange are the two colors for this element that plays a major role in the surfing scene. Use one or both colors in your décor to bring a little sun into your home.

Four Room Examples for Surf-Themed Décors

There are several surf-themed décor accessories you can add to a room to create the right look. Surfboard and surfing-related décor items can add a whimsical and fun touch to your overall theme. How much you include is entirely a personal choice. Textures and colors of fabrics help to create a cohesive design that's not overpowering and balanced.

#1 Living Room

One of the best focal points for this room is a full wall or partial wall mural or poster depicting a surfing or ocean wave scene. Use the color hues of the mural to build the rest of your room color palette. White walls will place greater emphasis on the mural and light blue walls will create a sense of sky and ocean. Beige palm leaf or nautical navy striped drapery patterns complete the feeling of being on the beach and ready to surf!

Furniture Options

Select wicker or rattan furniture that fits your style with cushions to match your color preferences. Shop for unique furniture designs that make statements, such as the curved Moorea wicker swinging lounge chair in a dark finish that comes with plush sand-colored pillows and an iron stand.

Surfing Related Furnishings and Accessories

A rug shaped like a surfboard can serve as an accent rug or a narrow area rug in front of a wicker sofa. Most tropical climates are hot and humid and a ceiling fan is always welcomed; add a surfboard-shaped ceiling fan. Jazz up a sofa or chair with couple of surfing-related pillow graphics or patterns. Add some decorative and colorful frames for action shots of your surfer.

#2 Bathroom

surf theme bathroom
Surf theme bathroom

Designing a surfer styled bathroom can be accomplished using colors and textures with a mix of patterns and whimsical accessories.

Shelves, Shower Curtain, and Bath Rug

Need a shelf or two for towels and bath salts? Chose from several colors and designs the perfect surfboard shelf for holding towels and bath salts and lotions. A surfing shower curtain is a must for this room. Complete the look with with a bright accent rug featuring decorative surfboards standing in the sun.

Towel Sets and Decorative Soaps

A set of surfing-themed towels will ensure plenty of decorative touches. A soap dish isn't complete without some surfboard shaped soaps.

#3 Bedroom

surf theme bedroom
Surf theme bedroom

You can design a gender specific bedroom that takes advantage of surfing patterns, colors and accessories or opt for a non-gender bedroom design.

Surfer Boy

An ideal whimsical additional is the surfboard headboard. Finished in a classic navy blue stripe design, this headboard features a stylized to arch in the shape of crashing waves. You can easily attach the headboard to an existing twin bed frame for a quick transformation. Add a "Tradewind Trolly" fleece throw blanket and a faux palm tree set in the corner for a perfect match.

Surfer Girl

Go with a complete look when you select the Bungalow Beach Designs collection for that special surfer girl. The pink, blue and green colors scheme is sure to wow. Start with the 100% cotton bedding that includes a quilt, pillow shams, pillows, rug, switch plates, a lifeguard chair lamp for a desk, and a metal surfing sign. Use more than one lamp by adding two bedside surfboard lamps with a furry lampshade.

Go outside the collection and add a handmade wood birch clock that will keep her in time with the tides.

Gender Neutral

Design a non-gender specific bedroom by selecting neutral fabrics, colors, and designs.

#4 Kitchen and Breakfast Nook

Don't ignore decorating the kitchen. Instead, create a dramatic entrance into the kitchen by hanging a bamboo beaded woody car curtain.

Backsplash Mural

surf theme kitchen
Surf theme kitchen

Go for the truly artistic backsplash "Surf Shack" by Dan Morris. This 12.75" x 12.75" backsplash is made up of 4.25" squares to create a colorful sunset water view beach scene that's perfect for any surfer's kitchen.

Kitchen Shelving

There's never enough storage space, so add open shelves in the breakfast nook, near the pantry, or above the kitchen desk. Splurge for a couple of stylish high-gloss finished surfboard shelves that look authentic. Hang them together above each other for a stylish look and display some decorative items or a set of shot glasses you've collected from the various beaches you've visited.

Window Treatment

Don't block the sunshine! For window treatments go with roll-up bamboo shades and whimsical surfboard print valances. Using matching valances in the kitchen and breakfast nook to create a cohesive design.

Additional Accessories

Surfing Themes and Home Décor Ideas

You can add a few surfing motifs to any décor to express your love for the sport. Whether you're designing one room or an entire house, the key to a successful design is balance in colors, designs, patterns, objects and motifs.

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Surf-Themed Room Décor: A Wave of Inspiration