5 Bath and Kitchen Design Magazines Made to Inspire You

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Bath and kitchen design magazines contain page after colorful page of design inspiration for two of the most functional rooms in your home. From French Country kitchens to spa style bathrooms and everything in between, if you have imagined it for your bathroom or kitchen, there is a magazine that has brought that idea to life in its pages.

Popular Bath and Kitchen Design Magazines

Are you in need of some decorating ideas and design advice for your kitchen or bathroom? Give the following bath and kitchen design magazines a try:

  • Dream Kitchens & Baths - This magazine includes high-quality images of the most innovative designs, plus explanations that will help home remodelers bring the decor to life in their own homes.
  • Kitchen and Bath Design News - This magazine is available in both print and online editions. Although it is directed towards the trade rather than amateur designers, there is plenty of useful information to be had whether you take on clients or are doing your own remodeling project. You'll find info about kitchen and bathroom products and product suppliers, design techniques and ideas and coverage of the latest trends. On the website, you can also access web casts that give you further instructions on executing various kitchen and bathroom design projects.
  • Kitchen and Bath Business - Kitchen and Bath Business is another magazine with a trade focus that is still applicable to the DIY designer. There is lots of in-depth coverage of the industry itself, but still plenty of inspiration and ideas for new twists on kitchen and bathroom designs. The publication is available in print and online. On the website, you can also browse an extensive buyer's guide to help you figure out which products are the best fit for your home.
  • Remodeling Magazine - Remodeling Magazine is another print publication with limited online publishing. Although the focus here isn't on kitchens and bathrooms specifically, there is extensive coverage of remodeling of both of those rooms. This magazine is good not only for creative inspiration but also for some of the more black and white aspects of your project, like budget and how your remodeling may impact your home value.
  • Better Homes and Gardens - Betters Homes and Gardens is one of the best known home interior design magazines around. Although it may not focus exclusively on kitchens and bathrooms, you'll still find plenty of relevant content on its pages. The print publication and BHG website work in tandem - you can find much of the information from the print edition online, but not all of it. Likewise, the website offers expanded coverage and archival information not available in the magazines.

Think Local

If you're looking for even more kitchen and bath ideas, look for local publications. Many cities have a local interior design magazine that features jobs done by local designers, so you can not only get some ideas but find out who in your area is doing work you like. Also be sure to check the supplements in your local newspaper, where you're almost certain to find interior design related coverage.

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5 Bath and Kitchen Design Magazines Made to Inspire You