11 Fashionable Home Decor Items That Add Class & Style

Stay Stylish at Home


You are the queen of your own fashion kingdom. As such, you need to make sure your castle is equally en vogue. For you models of mode, you mavens of modernity, check out the chic home decor that every fashionista should own.

Adorn Your Coffee Table With These Books


Whether you want to bone up on your fashion history or simply have some eye-catching reading material in view, there is a coffee table book that will suit your style. Adorn your coffee table with an oversized book honoring your favorite designer, or show off your knowledge by displaying a volume that highlights the trends of your preferred period in time. If you're more of a magazine girl, you can find volumes of Vogue in book form that showcase their old covers as well.

A Hostess Needs Her Bar Cart


If you're the type of woman who loves to don a cocktail dress and entertain at home, your space should be as dressed up as you are. Enter the perfect center for entertainment, the bar cart! Like all fashionistas, the bar cart comes in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of finishes. For the luxe lady, think antiqued brass, or if you're a modernist enthusiast, you will appreciate CB2's chrome take on the traditional bar cart.

Hello, Gallery Walls


Imagine your favorite magazine editor arranging photos of the newest trends on her office wall. Now imagine the walls of your home as a blank canvas, ready for you to pin up the latest styles for the world to see. The sky (or at least your ceiling) is the limit of your imagination when designing a gallery wall! Frame and hang anything from attractive fabric samples and antique fashion plates to inspirational quotes.

Make a Statement With a Throw Blanket


You couldn't leave your home without a cozy sweater or poncho, and you certainly wouldn't chill on your sofa without a comfy throw to snuggle in! The beauty of a blanket is that, like your wardrobe, you can switch them out with the seasons. Throws also come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures to suit your mood. Dress up your sofa with a faux fur blanket or show off your eclectic edge with a large pattern houndstooth throw.

Vintage Suitcases


If 'travel' is your middle name, you're likely to have hundred of memories of your adventures. Bring your travels home with you by storing your mementos and keepsakes in a charming vintage suitcase! These sturdy luggage pieces are stackable and can serve as a reminder of your trips if you use them to safe-keep souvenirs. They also provide practical storage for books, out-of-season clothing, or the pairs of shoes that aren't in your current rotation.

Fancy Designer Dishes


Dine fashionably at home! Style doesn't stop at supper time, so dress up your entrée for a dinner party with beautiful china. Your meals will feel fancier and your guests will be impressed when they find themselves eating off of dainty, polka-dot Kate Spade or classic Ralph Lauren dinnerware.

Your Throne


A comfortable, easy to sink into lounge chair is a must have at the end of a long day of being you. Reign over your kingdom from a relaxed state by resting your crown against the soft, velvety surface of your very own throne. Add an ottoman to the mix to expand your empire of coziness.

Spectacular Accent Rug


Adorn your floorboards with a rug that will sweep you off your feet! Fuzzy floor duds can really tie a room together, so express yourself with big, bold patterns or add playful texture to your room with a shag or faux fur rug.

Clothing Valet Stand


While it's not mandatory to have your own flesh and blood Jeeves these days, a clothing valet stand is the next level of clothing storage and will help you put your outfit together, just like a human valet did in the days of Downton Abbey. It's the perfect item to help mix and match multiple pieces of an outfit before you settle on that day's look. A valet stand functions both as a place to set your next-day outfit so you can suit up without overtaxing your groggy morning brain and as temporary storage before returning your little black dress to the closet after a fun night out.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


You've found the shoes that compliment the leggings that make that skirt pop! Now check out how good you look in a practical and pretty full length mirror. Whether it's hanging ready near your closet or resting by the door so you can sneak a peek at your look before braving the world, a tall floor mirror provides the firm assurance that, yeah girl, you do look good.

Candy Dish or Catch-all


A stylish girl deserves her indulgences, so why not keep your favorite treat stored somewhere attractive? Use hurricane or mason jars to store a secret snack. Vintage bowls can be kept out for a fun pop of color and an easy to reach spot for a pile of individually wrapped truffles. And let's face it, when you need that little reward, it needs to be only a tastefully dressed arm's length away.

And if you don't happen to be a fan of the sweeter things in life, it never hurts to have a handsome spot to place those little objects you might forget on your way out the door.

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11 Fashionable Home Decor Items That Add Class & Style