Bathroom Mirror Styles

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round bathroom mirror

Round Mirrors

A necessary element in the bathroom, a mirror can also become an excellent feature that adds elegance, style, or depth to your overall bathroom design. Some mirror choices can be used to create a dramatic or unexpected look that complements the bathroom cabinetry.

A round mirror is an excellent way to break up rectangle and square shapes. This mirror selection helps add depth and interest to the vanity design. The outer ring is composed of individual mirrors that create a reflective ray effect.

European floating mirrored cabinets

European Floating Cabinets

Adding mirrors onto the cabinet doors breaks up a wall of mirrors and repeats the European floating cabinet design. By adding mirrors to the side cabinets, the rectangular shapes are accentuated to create greater interest. The mirrors also offer closer reflection options for applying makeup or shaving.

create contrast

Contrasting Sizes

Contrast can be created by adding an oversized mirror frame. The multi-layered molding draws attention to the mirror while the burnished gold finish sets up a rich contrast to the countertop and vessel sink.

elegant mirror

Elegant Nickel and Pastel

The nickel bathroom and light fixtures along with the mirror's shadow-box style frame set up a reflective sparkle in this bathroom design. Small beaded elements on the inside and outside of the mirror frame give a touch of elegance to the overall mirror design. These elements contrast nicely with the pastel cabinetry.

ornate framed mirrors

Large Ornate Mirror Frames

A matching pair of ornate, antique gold mirror frames sets the mood for this marble bathroom. The mirror frames match the antique burnished gold bath fixtures. By oversizing the mirrors, the outstanding lush design of the bathroom décor is doubled while creating the illusion of a much larger bathroom.

ornate style

Unexpected Baroque Style

The simplistic style of a 1920s pedstal sink and beaded board is the perfect setting for an unpected touch of ornate design found in this baroque style mirror. The carving at the top makes a statement. The height of the mirror expands the small offset sink area.

simple mirrors

Plain and Simple

Sometimes the best mirror design is simple. This grooved white frame is the ideal choice to break up the repetitive squared gray tile wall. The white frame matches and repeats the white sink and cabinet.

luxury design

Cohesive Luxurious Style

One of the challenges of selecting a mirror design is finding one that carries the theme of the sink and reinforces the overall bathroom design. This luxurious-looking French rococo mirror repeats the natural flow of the sink and creates a cohesive style.

different mirrors

Subtle Differences

At first glance this pair of mirrors seem alike, but upon closer examination, it's clear they aren't. Using antique mirrors that have complementary designs is a great way to add a nostalgic element to a modern bathroom design. Two old-fashioned three panel vanity mirrors are given new life in this bathroom design.

art deco mirror
More Details

Art Deco Style

The frame on this mirror has artistic flair created with two striped L-shape corners and two solid black corners. It's ideal for a modern or art deco-themed bathroom design.

bold mirror

Bold and Tall

A tall and wide mirror with a dark-stained wood frame is perfect for this bathroom. It matches the dark-stained door jambs and window frames. Using a tall mirror will give the illusion of higher ceilings and is an ideal choice for narrow bathrooms.

backlit mirror
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Dramatic Backlit Effect

Backlighting the top and bottom of a plain mirror attached to a medicine-style cabinet creates a dramatic look. This type of mirror with lighting presents a soft subtle effect for a modern or utilitarian bathroom design.

unify bathroom elements

One Big Mirror Unifies Room

While you could use two mirrors over the double pedestal sinks, with so many individual bathroom fixtures on one wall, the large mirror is best. The white beveled frame encases the large mirror that servers to unify the sink design by defining it as a separate area.

inset mirror

Mirror Inset

This box style frame displays an inset mirror. The plain design offers a simple mirror choice that is appealing and crisp for this beach theme bathroom design.

tie mirror design to light fixtures

Tie It Together

When bathroom light fixtures are ornate, selecting an ornate mirror is a good design choice. The oval mirror shape provides a nice shape contrast to the square sink. You can up the level of elegance by using a beveled mirror.

modern rear-view style
More Details

Rear-view Mirror

For a truly modern look, opt for a rear-view mirror design. Suspended from the ceiling, this mirror repeats the horizontal lines of the wall tile behind it.

These great bathroom mirror ideas can be used with different bathroom designs. Explore other photos of bathroom designs before committing to your final design choice.

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Bathroom Mirror Styles