7 Fun Door Decorating Ideas to Welcome in Style

Express Your Sense of Style


Door decorations let you express your unique sense of style as you welcome guests to your home. At LoveToKnow Interior Design, we've compiled a slideshow featuring some of the most popular ways to decorate this often overlooked area. Whether you prefer a traditional design or enjoy a more contemporary look, you're sure to find something that fits your personal tastes.

Bright Colors Make a Statement


Painting old exterior doors is not difficult and a pop of bold color makes an unexpected style statement. A deep scarlet red is the most common choice, but navy blue and hunter green doors are also quite popular.

Purchasing New Exterior Doors


If you are planning to purchase a new door, consider choosing a model that features leaded glass inserts. These decorative doors give your home an elegant appearance and are especially pretty at night when interior lights shine through the glass panels.

Unusual Door Knockers


Traditionally, door knockers were considered a guard against evil spirits who wished to enter your home. Today, however, an unusual door knocker is simply a great way to decorate the front door of your home. Look for these conversation pieces at thrift shops and antique stores.

Pretty Topiary Trees


Topiary trees provide a sophisticated way to decorate your front door, especially when they are placed in large decorative urns. Place one tree on each side of the door for a perfectly symmetrical look.

Decorating with Natural Elements


Fashioning décor from natural elements provides a budget friendly way to decorate your front door. Hay bales and pumpkins are especially appropriate for Halloween.

Decorating with Holiday Wreaths


Adding a wreath to your front door is a great way to decorate for the holidays. This wreath with a red ribbon and cranberries makes a wonderful Christmas decoration.

For more creative and affordable decorating ideas, please review our Faux Painting Ideas slideshow.

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7 Fun Door Decorating Ideas to Welcome in Style