16 Home Decor Wall Art Ideas to Fill Any Space Perfectly

DIY Fabric Panels


What goes up on your walls reflects something about your personality, your interests or your lifestyle. Whether you make it yourself or pick it out from a store, the wall art in your home has a personal connection to you.

If you've been wondering what to do with your leftover fabric scraps, this might be just the solution. These easy DIY fabric panels are super lightweight and can be installed without putting any holes in the wall -- making them a great decorating idea for renters. The fabric is simply wrapped around a lightweight foam board and secured in the back with double-sided tape. You could also use hot glue or sticky back, hook and loop tape. The three rectangular panels hung diagonally here are just one of many options you have for creating a display. For additional ideas and simple DIY instructions, visit Bella Dia.

Ceramic Wall Art


Bring any dull, boring wall back to life by hanging a collection of colorful ceramic plates. Adding interest to the grouping in this picture are the oblong plates, hung both horizontally and vertically. This plate collection has a fruity, floral theme which helps give the grouping unity. However, each one is completely different from the others and the entire collection contains a wonderfully balanced mix of warm and cool colors.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to acquire a ceramic plate collection to display on the wall is by visiting thrift stores, which almost always have a decent amount of mismatched china and ceramic dishware. Another option is a coordinated color scheme such as using all blue-and-white or all red-and-white willow wear. A unifying theme can also be accomplished with repeating prints such as lemons or roses or with an ethnic theme such as all Italian, French, or Mexican pottery.

Oversized Wall Clocks


Some wall art looks best as a stand-alone piece and these items are usually oversized, like this larger-than-life wall clock. Oversized clocks make wonderful statement pieces that can help fill empty space on tall walls and large rooms. The shiny silver sunburst pattern of this modern oversized clock instantly brightens the room and adds a touch of masculinity to the feminine curves of the sofa. Although it looks expensive, this modern 3-D DIY wall clock from Light in the Box is actually under $30, due to the fact that most of the pieces are made from lightweight foam covered in shiny metallic stickers.

However, antique style oversized clocks made from wood or metal can set you back several hundred dollars. You can also find them with more of an industrial look, made with rusty metal and exposed gears. If you happen to come across an old round table for cheap, you can use the top to create a knockoff version of the more expensive antique styles offered in home decorating stores.

Faux Metal Wall Art

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At first glance, these elegant scrolling wall panels look like the pricey iron wall grilles you'd find in a classy, Mediterranean-style home. Would you believe they are actually made from toilet paper tubes? No kidding, this clever wall art was designed by Suzy Meyers, an avid crafter and artist who collected gobs of toilet paper rolls (with donations from family and friends) and put them together with paper towel rolls, balsa wood strips, tacky glue and Krylon spray paint to give them the look of metal. Meyers used her expertise at the art of quilling paper to come up with the interesting scrolls and details within the panels.

For a step-by-step tutorial and free pattern download to make them yourself, visit Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom by clicking through the More Details box on the image.

Copper Tile Wall Art

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The stunning patinas on these copper tiles makes each one uniquely different and creates an amazing display when grouped together on the wall. Some of the tiles feature inlaid capiz accents amongst the swirling colors of copper, gold and teal. Hung over the sofa, a hallway console table or over the head of the bed, these tiles bring a warm, earthy feeling to any room. Create interesting geometric patterns by hanging them vertically and horizontally or mix them up with other earthy wall art made from wood, dried grasses, vines, green plants or stone. You can buy the tiles individually or get the whole set of six for about $260.

DIY Wall Tapestry


You can easily turn a rug, blanket or decorative fabric panel into a beautiful wall tapestry by sewing a strip of fabric along one end on the back of the textile. This creates a rod pocket or casing, which you can slip a curtain rod through and then you can mount the tapestry wherever it suits you. Use a decorative wooden or wrought iron curtain rod to enhance the look of the tapestry as an artistic accent, like the one pictured here. You'll also need a substantial rod to hold up the weight of a heavy woven fabric. This is an easy way to create a colorful, patterned headboard when mounted behind the bed or to soften any room with additional texture on the wall. For step-by-step instructions and alternative methods to hang a rug on the wall, visit Rug Knots.

Painted Ceiling Medallions


These painted ceiling medallions make wonderful wall art when mounted on the wall. Originally designed to enhance the canopies of chandeliers (hence the center holes), these architectural embellishments were once made from heavy materials such as iron, plaster and marble, signifying the importance of the room by their size and detail. Now ceiling medallions are made from much lighter materials such as polyurethane foam and you can find them as cheap as $8. However, the larger and more ornate they are, the higher the cost.

To get this look, buy an odd number of ceiling medallions (5 to 7) in varying sizes and patterns. Paint them the same color as the wall to direct the focus on their texture or repeat a couple of your favorite accent colors in the surrounding room. For tips on how to hang them, visit Sand and Sisal.

Living Plant Wall


If you're looking for a way to liven up an empty wall, consider a vertical garden or living plant wall. This is accomplished by mounting specialized wall planters to the wall. The plant wall pictured here utilizes the living plant wall pocket system by WallyGro.

To calculate the number of planters you'll need, divide the width of your wall area by 18 inches and divide the height of the area by 13 inches. Then you'll need to decide which type of planters to use, the soft felt pockets or hard plastic planters. Both types have breathable, ventilated sides and reservoir systems that make them self watering for up to two weeks. The specialized design prevents the need for drainage holes so your walls and floors stay dry. The artistry comes in when choosing the types of plants to use. Plant a mix of foliage including spillers with hanging vines like pothos, thrillers like orchids or bromeliads and fillers like ferns and philodendron.

Indoor Wall Fountain

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Not only is an indoor wall fountain an attractive, three-dimensional, eye-catching feature for a wall, it also provides the therapeutic sound of running water. Some of the best locations in your home to install an indoor wall fountain include:

  • The foyer - Create a welcoming and impressive environment in your entryway with a wall fountain and plants.
  • Home office - The soothing sounds of running water can help take the stress out of your daily work.
  • Dining room - Enhance a relaxing atmosphere that will entice you and your guests to linger, savor the food and enjoy a good conversation.
  • Master bedroom - Create a cozy conversation area near the fountain and let the tranquil sound of the water lull you to sleep each night.

An indoor wall fountain also makes the perfect accessory to feature in a wall alcove or recessed nook, surrounded by lush, tropical greenery or other earthy accents as seen here.

Vintage Mirror Wall Art

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Like jewelry for walls, a collection of vintage mirrors with shiny metallic frames instantly brightens the room with a feeling of opulence. The mirrors look especially dazzling against the dark turquoise background. The larger mirrors near the center help anchor the grouping while the sunburst frame design and repeating colors of gold give the grouping unity. Providing additional interest are the varying sizes, the smooth, dark wood frames and the smooth, silver frame of the largest mirror.

To start your own mirror collection, search through thrift stores and flea markets for styles that interest you and buy them in varying sizes. Choose a few frame styles that best suit the surrounding décor. If you can't find the colors you want, cover the glass with painters tape and newspaper and spray paint the frames. Arrange the mirrors on the floor until you are happy with the arrangement. Take a picture of the grouping to use as a guide when hanging them on the wall.

Rustic Wrought Iron Wall Art


Wrought iron has been around for centuries with a timeless, masculine look that never goes out style. Wall art made from wrought iron can also take on a feminine appearance when it is curved and scrolled into Mediterranean inspired designs. The wall art pictured here has a rustic, Southwestern vibe and looks right at home on this weathered wooden wall. The rusty orange designs contrast nicely against the faded blue paint as orange and blue are opposite each other on the color wheel.

To get a similar look in your home, search for rusty iron art pieces in flea markets, salvaged farm auctions or online stores like Lone Star Western Decor. Make your own faded blue weathered wood panel to hang them on by distressing framed plywood planks.

3-D Textured Wall Panels


These wall panels bekon you to reach out and touch them with their interesting, crater-like texture that plays up the nubby texture of the couch. Textured 3-D wall panels are commonly found in modern, upscale homes and commercial properties. They bring interest to walls and add cutting-edge style to your home. The panels can be shipped to you primed and ready for painting or with special finishes like a vinyl finish or a lustrous polyurethane paint finish. The panels install using a strong construction adhesive. With dozens of designs to choose from, it's an excellent way to bring visual interest and artistic flair to any room.

CD Wall Art

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This cool, shimmering CD wall art was created by a savvy crafter named Kristen Swain, who shares the easy instructions for making it on her blog, Creative Me, Inspired You. A perfect accessory for a teen bedroom, it was made by simply drilling holes in the top and bottom of old CDs and linking them together with 1-inch binder rings. Each strand hangs individually from a small nail or screw in the wall. You could also use small C hooks to hold the lightweight CDs.

You'll need a lot of CDs for this project so ask for donations from family and friends. If you still can't get enough, try a used record store where you can find obscure, inexpensive CDs. Be sure to visit Kristen's blog for tips on drilling the holes through the CDs.

DIY Butterfly Wall Art

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Simple yet elegant, 3-D paper butterflies can be attached to the wall with small pieces of double-sided tape or small peel and stick tabs. The small colorful cluster shown here were folded into shape using origami paper and you can see the full tutorial at Craft or Nothing. You can also use a butterfly shape template to cut your own butterflies out of craft paper or card stock or you can cheat a little and order some paper butterflies from Etsy.

The trick to making them look three-dimensional is to press down on the body of the butterfly with one finger while you gently bend each wing upward (which isn't necessary with the origami butterflies). Then you can get creative, such as attaching a few to a floral picture hung on the wall with the rest flowing off the frame, up onto the wall and out toward a window or doorway. Another option is to arrange the butterflies on a canvas frame and have a few flying off the canvas onto the wall.

Painted Baskets Wall Art

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Baskets make wonderful wall decor, providing texture, depth and dimension. They add a warm, earthy vibe when left in their natural, neutral colors. Those with colorful, vivid patterns add excitement when clustered in bloom-like displays. A few coats of creamy white spray gives the grouping of baskets pictured here a slightly more modern appeal when hung symmetrically over the bed and ties them in beautifully with the headboard, the lampshades and the upholstered bench.

Another simple trick for adding interest to painted baskets is the use of painter's tape. Tape off one half, one quarter or use the tape to create other simple geometric patterns such as zigzags or stripes.

Black and White Photo Gallery

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There's nothing quite as elegant and eye-catching as a grouping of black-and-white photos. The stark contrast of the colors lends an air of sophistication to the display. You can go with a theme such as family photos or pet photos or you can bring in additional interest with photos of unusual still life like the sea horse pictured here. A black-and-white photo gallery is an excellent way to incorporate a flatscreen TV into the surrounding décor, whether it is mounted on the wall or sitting on a console table. Treat the TV as one of the larger, anchoring pieces of framed art and build the gallery outwards around it. Vary the size of the frames, using vertical and horizontal orientations. Arranging and grouping wall photos can be done in a variety of ways.

No matter what type of artwork you decide to put on your walls, it's important to keep scale and proportion in mind. Spend some time taking measurements and making small adjustments to ensure your wall art looks balanced within the space.

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16 Home Decor Wall Art Ideas to Fill Any Space Perfectly