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Wall Decor for Dining Rooms

Sally Painter

Colorful Oversized Utensils

The dining room wall is a large open canvas just waiting to bring a cohesive design element to the decor through art and other wall décor.

This modern dining room wall uses fun oversized kitchen utensil art stylized to mimic the progression of a color wheel. Add other elements, such as plants and art objects, allowing the wall art to be the main focal center of your dining room decor.

Floating Shelf

You can break up a wall by adding a large floating shelf to display a collection, art, and even plants. Capitalize on this focal piece with a mix of various objects that reflect your personal style.

Be sure to repeat colors and even shapes with other various objects within your room design so there is an overall unity to your décor.

Color Scheme Art Work

One of the best ways to draw attention to a dining room wall is with large pieces of art. Use odd numbers to create design interest. You can also introduce an accent color in wall art.

This dining room wall art successfully introduces the color yellow within a green and white color scheme.

Modern Art Display

Create a unique dining room with distinct and customized wall art. This contemporary dining room is transformed through wall art with a Steampunk spin accented by a square clock centerpiece. A floor shelf gives additional dimension through the use of color and glossy finish that repeats the same finish as the two floating shelves.

Fabric Panels

The use of fabric panels can transform plain painted walls into an elegant design statement.

Chocolate-colored walls repeat the velvet chair upholstery. The panel fabric features a lighter brown pattern with an off-white background. The panel is framed in the same chocolate color.

Spaced evenly on the walls, the fabric panels add interest and depth to create a truly sophisticated and stunning room design.

Customize With Shapes

Create an attractive wall design using shapes and a few simple items, such as paint, molding and mirrors.

This customized wall design takes advantage of a recessed wall space with a green accent color. Rectangle frames are added to hold oval mirrors to create a unique and clever wall design. You can create other looks by using other shapes within shapes, such as a circle within a triangle or a square, circle, and triangle within each other.

Oversized Photo

Today's technology allows you to upload a photo to create your own poster. A photo poster can be framed or mounted on a photo board to create a unique and personally meaningful art expression.

You may prefer to use a favorite vacation photo, pastoral scene, or a photo you took touring Napa Valley or Tuscany, Italy. Use a single oversized photo on a short wall and several on a long wall for a dramatic effect.

Single Oversized Mirror

A mirror is a great way to reflect candlelight and a stunning chandelier. It also gives the illusion of a larger dining room that can be very helpful for long narrow rooms.

  • This decorative and unique style of oversized wall mirror introduces a new design element.
  • Large floor mirrors can reflect the dining table or a stunning statue on the opposite end of room.
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Decals and Quotes

A very contemporary design choice for a dining room wall is word art. A quote or even a short poem is often a favorite choice for a bare wall.

In addition to a wall quote, you can combine it with one or more artistic decals that reflect the message.

You may prefer to place the focus on a large decal instead and use a one-word decal that says it all.

Custom Wood Art and Shelving

Design a stylized art cutout and apply to one wall. This dining room is decorated with a modern interpretation of tree trunks and applied to the wall at the end of the table.

A wood cutout unit of various shapes/sizes is set against a light chocolate wall to create ledges or shelves that could display various art collections of ceramics, wood carvings, and metal designs. Add recessed lighting to the upper cutouts for an art gallery look.

Rustic Railing and Plaques

A rustic rail with hanging plaques adds interest to a long dining room wall. Create your own design similar to this one by doing the following:

  • Find decorative ironwork and paint desired finish.
  • Create or buy plaques in various sizes and colors.
  • Attach ironwork to wall.
  • Hang plaques below ironwork to appear they are attached to ironwork.

You may attach the plaques directly to the ironwork by either welding or attaching with chainlinks, leather strips, wood, or decorative ribbons.

Faux Brick Suspended Bike

Dining room wall decorations don't have to be centered over the table or be a form of artwork. Incorporate your hobbies into your wall décor. You can recreate this look with a little creativity.

  • Apply a faux exposed brick wall decal or paint a faux rustic wall.
  • Set brick veneer and plaster for a more realistic look.
  • Use cables to suspend your choice of bike upside down.

Uniform Frames and Wainscoting

For a formal dining room, use wainscoting and uniform style of frames, such as same size and color, along with the same mat color. The end wall displays the accent color that's repeated in several mats in the framed art work. You can recreate this formal look by adding molding and chair rail and same size frames with artwork that repeats the accent color.

Express individuality and personality with wall décor choices in your dining room. Make sure it fits both the room itself and your home's overall design scheme and you're sure to come up with some winning ideas.

Sally Painter
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Wall Decor for Dining Rooms