8 Multifunctional Furniture Pieces Ideal for Small Spaces

Goliath Transforming Console and Dining Table
Goliath Transforming Table

When you purchase a multi-functional piece of furniture, you end up with more than just one piece of furniture. This type of furniture is ideal for apartment and small space living.

#1 Goliath Console and Dining Table

Resource Furniture offers the Goliath, a console table made in Italy that can be transformed into a dining table capable of accommodating up to 10 people! The table extends from a mere 17 inches into a dining table 115 inches thank to a "unique aluminum telescoping mechanism". This is a great way to save space while giving the capacity to entertain larger numbers of guests.

Console and Table Features

Before you buy, you should look at the product features. Those include:

  • Five table leaves
  • Available in eight finishes; six woodgrain and two lacquer
  • Made to order (requires 12-16 weeks)

Item Information

Request a quote from the company to find out the pricing. Other things to know include:

  • Console size: 29.5" H x 39.37" W x 47"D
  • Dining table size: Expands up to 115.35"

#2 The Benjamin Franklin Library Ladder Chair

Hammacher Schlemmer's The Benjamin Franklin Library Ladder Chair comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made from solid wood, this chair unfolds into a library ladder.

Created by Benjamin Franklin

True to its name, this unique design was created by non-other than Benjamin Franklin. Even after hundreds of years, his design is still a highly useful and desirable piece of furniture.

Converting From Chair to Ladder

The key to this design is a cleverly concealed hinge underneath the seat. The back of the chair simply flips upside down and the seat and legs become a stepladder. The chair is very attractive made from solid wood and comes in a chestnut finish. It can be placed in a reading corner of a library, office or den until needed as a ladder. Just add a lumbar pillow and you're set.

Dimensions and Weight

Know the size of the product you're purchasing.

  • Dimensions: 34" H x 20" W x 16 1/2" D
  • Weight: Product weight 20 pounds
  • Supports: Up to 275 lbs

Customer Reviews and Pricing

Hammacher Schlemmer customers are very pleased with their purchases commenting that it is easy to put together.

It's priced around $150.

#3 Futaba Coffee Table/Loveseat

InMod features the amazing versatile Futaba coffee table that converts into a comfy loveseat. This is an ideal choice for those times you need additional seating. This hand-crafted table is made from bamboo and is eco-friendly, having no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The finish is achieved with Danish oil.

  • Upholstered in Carnegie fabric, the loveseat is available in either a forest, almond, or sunset color.
  • This is a special order item and requires 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Dimensions and Details

The coffee table is 48"L x 21"W x 17"H. The loveseat dimensions are not available, although the coffeetable should give you a rough idea of the general length; the height will be taller and the width will be a bit smaller.

The Futaba can be purchased for about $4,750 plus free shipping.

#4 Murphy Bed and Desk

There are Murphy beds and then there are truly amazing ones like Wallbeds' Modern Birch Murphy Bed sold by Wayfair. It's difficult to commandeer the guest room for an office and then have no place for guests to stay. This Murphy bed and desk combo eliminates any angst you might have.

In fact, when you have overnight guests, they won't even know they're sleeping in an office much less on top of a desk since the desk disappears underneath the drop down regular full-size bed.

Keep Things on Desk When Converting to Bed

But what makes this a truly special Murphy bed is the patented balancing mechanism that allows you to keep everything on your desk. No more cleaning off your desk to accommodate the drop down bed. The desk surface remains level as you pivot the bed down over it. It's that simple! And, when your guests leave, the patented lift mechanism makes it effortless to return to using your desk, just the way you left it.

Bed Dimensions and Weight

Excellent workmanship means you're ready for guests to arrive when you finish your workday.

  • Construction: Solid wood with beam structure for a platform bed.
  • Mattress: Full size platform mattress between 6" - 9" thick.
  • Size: 73" H x 83" W x 64" D
  • Weight: Product weight 270 lbs.
  • Supports: Up to 500 lbs.

Customer Reviews and Pricing

Wayfair customer reviews reveals customer very pleased. "Very solid and nice piece of furniture" and "Pretty easy to put together too, most of it came assembled already" were a few of the comments.

The bed sells for around $2,450 plus free shipping.

#5 Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

Pottery Barn Teen (PBTeen) shows you how to get the most out of the square footage of any girls' bedroom with the multi-functional Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed. The unit is made from hardwood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), and veneer.

Finishes include:

  • Hand applied finish, available in "White" (off-white) or "Simply White" (true white)
  • Antique-bronze hardware

Four Distinct Functions

The loft bed provides four areas of function including:

  • Sleep: There's a full-sized mattress (must purchase separately) with a ladder to attach on either end of the bed.
  • Study: The desk has a flip-down keyboard tray and one drawer.
  • Storage: A bookcase located on the outside features four-cubbies.
  • Vanity: The vanity area features a folding frame with three beveled mirrors and one small and one large drawer.

Product Details

The vanity costs about $1,999 plus a $200 delivery surcharge. It also comes with in-home delivery service -- "brought into your home, unpacked, and assembled." Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

  • Overall size: 70" wide x 81" long x 79" high
  • Supports (sleeping area): 200 pounds

#6 Flexible Love 16 Seat Chair

The Flexible Love 16 Seat Chair from Expand Furniture is a fantastic way to get more seating when you need it. This expandable chair may be just what you need for your office, living room, or dining room.


Just a few amazing features include:

  • Expandable from one chair to seating 16 people
  • Can be twisted or curved to fit any room size
  • Expand and place both ends together to form a circle bench

Dimensions and More Information

The size and price can vary depending on the options you need.

  • Size: From a single chair expands to 16 chairs
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Supports: 264 lbs per chair; total 4,000 lbs
  • Price: Earth Brown $600, White $960

#7 Bench and Picnic Table

Both Amazon and Lowe's sell the Leisure Season picnic table/bench. It's a cool bench than transforms into a picnic table complete with seating. It is a valuable outdoor piece of furniture that is ideal when you decide to enjoy a meal outside; it would also look at home on a porch, too.

Made from solid Cypress wood, it's moisture-resistant, weather protected, and resists pests. It also has an acrylic protective coating. The folding mechanism makes it easy to transform from a bench to a table and vice versa.

Interchangeable Picnic Table and Garden Bench
Interchangeable Picnic Table and Garden Bench

Dimensions and Weight

Make sure you have the room for this two-in-one table.

  • Picnic table: 55" L x 58" W x 30" H (seats 6)
  • Garden bench: 55" W x 29" back to front x 33" H
  • Supports: Up to 600 lbs

Customer Review and Pricing

A Lowe's customer is very pleased and purchased for a gift, writing "They were thrilled with this item."

It costs about $185.

#8 Poppi Theatre

Forget the guest room, accommodate guests with this clever theater/bed unit. The Clei UK's Poppi Theatre found in the US through Resource Furniture coverts to a bed and it's as simple as sliding the cabled TV panel to one side and lowering the single bed. That's all there is to it and you have an instant guest bed. The slatted bed base and lateral bookshelf make this a must have for any modern family room or den.

Product Features

Features included are:

  • TV panel: Keeps all the cables hidden and in tact during the movement
  • Bed base: Tubular enforced iron frame with multilayer bent beech wood slat
  • Mattress: Spring mattress with reinforced Latex, 50% Memory mattress
  • Sliding mechanism: Front panel on aluminum rails and nylon wheels

Dimensions and More

To get pricing, you'll need to contact the company and get a quote. Other information to know includes:

  • Closed size: 132.3" x 29.3" x 55.6"
  • Open size: 132.3" x 40.2" x 55.6"
  • Supports: Up to 330 lbs

Save Space With Multifunctional Furniture

Using multifunctional furniture pieces can save space and eliminate the need to purchase two separate pieces of furniture. You can regain valuable square footage while saving money.

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8 Multifunctional Furniture Pieces Ideal for Small Spaces