38 Elegantly Modern Home Decor Ideas for Every Room

textured walls modern living room

Creating a modern home design is fun with loads of options that include textures, colors, finishes and accessories. Start with a goal for how you wish each room to look and begin shopping for those ideal finds.

Texture Is a Main Design Element

One of the best elements to include when creating a warm modern décor to use all kinds of textures. These include fabrics for upholstery, throws, pillows, and rugs as well as hard surface treatments.

Floors and Walls

Two of the most overlooked canvases are the largest hard surfaces in a room - the floor and walls.

Floor Textures

The floor texture can be made up of more than one material. For example, the flooring could be vinyl, tile, wood or concrete. All of these can vary with the level of textures such as tile mosaics, floor medallions, concrete floors, and distressed or grain/knotty wood planks.

Wall Textures

The walls for a modern home can be textured with horizontal rough-hewn planks, 3D wallpaper, a stucco, masonry, stone, ceramic and acoustical tiles.

Make Each Room Modern

Once the floors and walls are complete, you can focus on room-specific décor.

Modern Living Room

Using these texture ideas, you may choose to create two textured accent walls in your modern living room. One wall can feature horizontal rough-hewn plank paneling and the other a rough stucco effect. The next step is to layer in other design elements.

Dining Room Ideas

modern dinnig room

The art of dining can really shine with a stunning modern home decor. Once you have decided on the floor and wall treatments, it's time to focus on any window treatments, furniture and accessories.


modern bedroom

A modern bedroom design, like any other bedroom style, should be conducive to rest and relaxation. Using wall panels behind a bed is a great way to create an accent and focal wall.


modern kitchen design

Many people think of IKEA when it comes to designing a modern kitchen. This is one great resource for a modern look, but there are many other suppliers offering sleek modern kitchen designs.


modern bathroom

Designing a bathroom in a modern style can offer great opportunities to use cutting edge innovations.

Designing a Modern Home Décor

It's easy to decorate a modern home by using specifically modern designs that fit your personal taste and lifestyle. Use elements dictated by the architecture of your home for the best cohesive modern home design.

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38 Elegantly Modern Home Decor Ideas for Every Room