Nautical Curtain Rods: A Simple Starter Guide

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Nautical curtain rods can transform your room by adding a touch of the shoreline to your décor.

Nautical Curtain Rods

When you begin your search for nautical themed curtain rods, you might become frustrated, so try narrowing your search to nautical finials. This change in your search will reap more finds.

About Finials

Finials are the pieces, usually decorative, that are placed on the end of curtain rods. Finials serve more than just a decorative touch, however. They also keep your curtains from slipping off the end of the rod. The really great thing about finials is that if you later decide you want to change your room theme, you don't need to invest in another set of rods for your windows. All you need do is simply change out the finials.

Finials are made out of all kinds of material that can include glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, resin, and wood. You'll want to match the finial to the same style and type of rod you have, so it might be easier to find the finial you like and then select an appropriate rod to use with it.

Nautical Motifs and Finials

Nautical themed finials often depict various beach or marine motifs. These can vary from simple to elaborate artistic expressions.

Some nautical motifs found in finials:

  • Sailboats: If your family loves sailing, then a sailboat is a great choice; children especially find this motif fun.
  • Sand Dollars: Another readily recognizable shoreside motif is the crisp white sand dollar.
  • Seashells: Some finials of seashells come in more than a typical white seashell design.
  • Ship Wheel: The ship wheel is a finial you may create. Add some netting and seashells for unique tiebacks.
  • Starfish: Starfish make a very unique and beach motif choice. Add starfish tieback to carry the theme.

Sizing Up Finials

When selecting a set of finials for your curtain rod, you need to make sure the rod has removable end pieces or existing finials. Not all finials fit all rods, so you'll need to know the diameter of your rod. If in doubt, you must measure the rod width (diameter) so you know the finial will fit.

Types of Curtain Rods

You can just about any type of curtain rod you want for a nautical look as long as you have the right finial. Choose from a wood, pewter, bronze, antiqued metal, patina, or rustic style. You may prefer to use a twisted rope styled rod to add even more nautical flavor to your window treatment.

Curtain Rod Hooks or Sleeves

Other ways to express the nautical theme with your curtain rod is to use decorative hooks. This type of hook usually gives a finished and polished look to pleated draperies. Another accessory you may prefer to use is a sleeve that fits over the rod thought which you can attach the curtain directly. Both styles give you the opportunity to repeat various nautical motifs to spruce up your décor and reflect your love of the ocean or beach life.

Create Your Own

There are few ways you can customize your nautical curtain rod and that's by designing your own finials. There are several ways you can make finials. The easiest way is to visit an arts and crafts store and select the nautical motif you want. This could be one of the motifs previously mentioned or you may wish something different for example, an anchor, buoy or ship wheel.

Paint and finish the decoration and then create the finials by hot gluing to a plain wooden finial. If you prefer, use a collection of real seashells, sand dollars or starfish for a collage style. You may want to add other elements to your design. Netting or braided rope can add a greater marine feel to your creation that you can carry to tie backs for a more complete nautical window treatment.

Making a Choice about Style

When you decide to use a nautical theme for your curtain rods, you may need to shop around before you find the exact style you want for your home décor. If you decide to create your own, consider using seashells you and your family collected on your last beach trip to make your window treatment extra special.

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Nautical Curtain Rods: A Simple Starter Guide