16 Kitchen Decor Ideas: From Themes to Schemes

Floating Decorative Cabinets


A kitchen's decor scheme can be changed by utilizing simple design techniques or by going with a complete renovation.

The prime feature of this kitchen is the use of floating cabinets. This sophisticated European design of red and black lower cabinets is sleek. The stunning appeal is created by the black scroll pattern on the upper cabinet doors.

Recreate this look with a white countertop, red and white paint, and red and black lower cabinets. You can decorate the upper cabinets with a stencil scroll pattern.

Striking Orange and Black


This kitchen features orange cabinets with black countertops.

The black backsplash is the perfect backdrop to show off the upper glass cabinets. The outer cabinet is painted a lighter value of orange. The adjustable bar stools are a matching orange.

You can recreate this look by paying attention to the small design nuances, such as a white ceiling, stonelike large tile floors and a silver-colored base molding around the cabinets and island.

An updated stainless range hood is placed directly over the island cook range for an ultra-modern kitchen design.

Butcher Block Island


This kitchen design centerpiece is the large square butcher block island. The island is painted a gray-green hue to accentuate this focal point of the kitchen design. Look for a similar hue to to update your kitchen island in a similar manner.

The butcher block design is repeated in the multi-toned beige and white subway tile backsplash. White cabinets with a mix of solid and glass doors lighten the room further. Swap a few regular doors out for glass doors in your home.

A striking brown stone countertop provides a nice sharp contrast against the white cabinets, tied together by the backsplash tile design. Hardwood floors give a polished finish to the design adding warmth and texture.

Gray Blue and Stainless Steel


This kitchen strikes a different design chord that combines a utilitarian and colorful style.

The upper cabinet doors are flush and painted gray-blue. Lower cabinets and island feature stainless steel drawer pulls and accents. Look for a similar paint color if your kitchen is stainless steel, and pick up drawer pulls to match.

Two outstanding features are the overhead range hood with a storage shelf and the end of the cabinet with three open shelves supported by a stainless steel rod. Add an open shelf and purchase a range hood with similar styling to recreate this design at home.

White subway tile backsplash, stainless steel countertops, and white flooring make this a very clean and sharp design.

Contemporary Marble Island


This white kitchen features brushed stainless steel island cabinet with a wraparound white and gray marble counter.

White cabinetry gives a clean look by using push-open style cabinet doors. The industrial-looking gray tile flooring is defined by darker gray gout lines. The highly polished stainless steel barstools are upholstered in white leather. Purchase similar barstools and make sure you grout your floor in a darker shade to recreate this at home.

Oversized copper pendant lights make a bold design statement. The color is somewhat repeated by the oranges in a mesh bowl on top of the island. Add large pendant lights above your kitchen island.

Green With Envy


It's amazing how changing paint color can revive a kitchen. This contemporary kitchen has several design elements going for it. Highlights and features to consider adding in your kitchen include:

  • Soft, light green paint color
  • Multi-colored tile flooring that features light green tiles
  • Subway style tile backsplash in same colored tile of flooring
  • Light gray and white stone countertops
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Lighting: Under counter, pendant and recessed
  • Taupe painted wall and ceiling

Powder Blue and Wood


Light wood finish and pale blue makes a truly outstanding look for this kitchen. Instead of stainless steel appliances (except for the island trash compacter), this designer chose to use white appliances that also serve as an accent color. Do that in your kitchen for a similar look. Other choices made that you can emulate include:

  • Beadboard ceiling painted white
  • Caged pendant lights with white glass globes
  • Recessed lighting
  • Eat-in area with see-through fireplace flanked by shelves and cabinets
  • Small square same blue colored backsplash with darker blue tile
  • Light stained wood flooring

Modern Stainless Steel


This modern kitchen design features stainless steel cabinets and appliances. The island features a marble countertop with a marble end slab.

You can recreate this kitchen design by painting the walls a medium gray. Invest in stainless steel cabinets and island. Three tractor seat style stainless steel adjustable stools complete this design.

Add four wire-wrapped design pendant halogen lights over the island. If you have a dining area adjacent to the kitchen, you can highlight it with globe pendant lights.

Stunning Electric Blue


This kitchen plays up color and lots of patterns and materials for a highly personalized design.

The first thing that pops out with this design is the color of blue selected and the multiple white piping trim highlights the woodwork. Pick your favorite vivid hue and do the same piping trim on your cabinetry. Other features include:

  • Drawer and door handles
  • White countertops
  • Stainless steel geometric shapes backsplash
  • Wood design in cabinet door glass

Green, Black, and Marble


This galley style kitchen marries classic and modern styles. Do the same in your kitchen by using:

  • Pink and black marble backsplash, white marble tile flooring, and white marble walls and open doorway
  • High gloss laminated green and black cabinets
  • Stainless steel countertops and marble countertops
  • Stylized breakfast nook furniture with French medallion chairs and table featuring chrome and leather upholstery
  • Free-form area rug spills into the kitchen.
  • Red accent color free-form pedant light and chrome framed wall clock

Red and White Backsplash


This contemporary red and white kitchen has great style accentuated by an eye-catching backsplash made from small red, white, and light-colored red tile squares.

The overhead white cabinets and lower red cabinets show off textured drawer handles. A light gray countertop keeps the white contrast from becoming too intense, so be sure to break your colorful kitchen up the same way.

If you have wood cabinets, you can recreate this look by using a high gloss paint and blocks of small tiles squares. Don't forget the unique drawer and cabinet pulls (handles).

Luxurious Eat-In Kitchen


If your ultimate dream kitchen combines elegance with style, this is it! This kitchen features specific design elements you can use in your own home.

  • Light fixture medallions, archways, a decorative hood cover, and corbels are excellent architectural features.
  • French white is used for cabinets, ceiling, flooring, and dining suite, with the eat-in dining area accented in red.
  • Customized kitchen cabinetry and breakfast nook buffet personalize the design.
  • Recessed and under-cabinet lighting give lighting options along with crystal chandeliers for an elegant touch.

Elegant Old World Flair


Old World charm has a New World flair. Stunning design elements include:

  • A rock-faced wall features corbels supporting a mantel-style range hood.
  • Antique mustard (barstools and range hood) is accented by addition of gray and brown tiles (splashback).
  • The diamond-shaped tile backsplash features a decorative tile border .
  • Vine pendant lights with bell-shaped globes provide a classic touch.

Even if your home isn't Old World, you can still duplicate the style in your kitchen by using similar corbels, backsplash, and pendant lighting.

Unique Purple


This purple kitchen has a fun and unique appeal. The long vertical stainless steel mesh cabinet door and black lacquered shelves give this design interest and depth.

Design elements you can recreate at home are easy to do.

  • White is used as the accent color with stainless steel appliances. You can select stainless options the next time you upgrade.
  • Black flower stenciling makes this kitchen extra special! Simply look for a similar flower and use a gloss paint.
  • The dark wood flooring anchors this design with light wood colored barstools; swap your current stools for a lighter option if they are dark.

Urban Green and Black

More Details"

Black cabinets (lower), range hood, window trim, island and overhead beam create a very contemporary look.

Floating white shelves, upper white cabinet, subway tile backsplash, and marble countertops contrast the black. Adding floating shelves is an easy update anyone can do in their kitchen.

A medium green color is used for the walls as an accent color. Various values of green accessories are used to emphasize the accent colors, so be sure to incorporate them into your kitchen.

The dark wood flooring anchors the design with light-colored wood barstools.

Retro Red, Black and Whie

More Details"

This retro-styled kitchen features white cabinets set against red walls (BEHR Top Tomato P180-7). Try in in your home by doing the following.

  • A black and white tile backsplash reinforces the retro look.
  • A gray countertop mimics the gray tile squares of the gray and white flooring.
  • The breakfast bar is elevated with stainless steel pedestal with high gloss black seats.
  • Retro pendant lights complete this kitchen design.

Explore other kitchen décor and designs, such as Colonial kitchen designs, or the best colors for kitchens to come up with the right design for your home.

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