26 Bumblebee-Themed Kitchen Decor Ideas to Buzz About

Bumble Bee Stove Mosaic Tiles

Incorporate a bumblebee theme into your kitchen in several ways. Use the basic colors and add a few motif objects to complete the room design.

Bumblebee Color Choices for Kitchen Elements

The first place to start for a bumblebee kitchen design is with the basic colors. The most commonly known bumblebee has bands of bright yellow and black. You can create a striking look by how you use these colors.


Black and Yellow Tile Floor

One of the most stylish choices for your kitchen flooring is a yellow and black checkered floor tile. If you prefer a tamer floor design, you can go with a solid black or yellow tile. A more neutral flooring choice is a beige or lightly colored flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

You may choose to go with a hardwood flooring instead of a tile. Opt for a dark or black stain finish.

Stenciled Flooring

You may prefer to stencil a floor pattern, such as herringbone, onto an old hardwood floor for a unique look. A yellow and black stripe floor design representing the bands on the bee's body or a checkerboard pattern are two floor paint options. Use painting tape to create either the stripe or checkerboard effect.

Wall Treatments

Bumble Bee Teapot on Counter

A yellow wall color will go with any of the suggested flooring options. You can create an accent wall by using a lighter or darker yellow hue or even black. Consider using wallpapers that contain the colors of your color scheme, not necessarily with bee motifs, to continue the design colors.

Bumblebee Designs

If you do prefer a bumblebee wallpaper or a stylized French bee trellis stencil to create a special wall effect, you can find those as well, to fit into any color scheme. Or, you can add a cute bumblebee border paper as a chair rail border.

Tile Options

Another wall treatment is the use of wall tiles. Use a yellow or black tile or both to create a checkerboard effect or go with yellow subway tiles for a backsplash. A tile mural with a bumblebee hovering over lemons might be the ideal choice for a backsplash behind a range or stovetop.

Cabinet Choices

Yellow Country Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets can be painted a yellow or black, depending on how much contrast you desire in your design. If you select yellow for the cabinets, you can create interest and contrast by highlighting an island cabinet in black.

One of the best ways to add the bumblebee motif is with subtle elements. For example, there are several choices for bumblebee cabinet pulls or knobs. You might prefer to limit these to just the cabinet drawers so as not to overwhelm your design.

Countertop Suggestions

The countertop can be used to provide contrast. If you choose yellow cabinets, a black countertop will give your design the finishing pop needed to tie your flooring, walls, and cabinets together. There are many choices for a black countertop. Go with one that offers light reflection to make your kitchen design sparkle. Some countertop choices include marble, black quartz, glass, or glazed volcanic lava stone.

Appliance Color

The most obvious color choice for appliances is black, but this might offer too stark a contrast, so a standard stainless steel can serve as a backdrop element without being too overwhelming. Another choice is to go with retro styled appliances and select a yellow hue that's perfect for your bumblebee design.

Some retro appliance companies provide customized colors for an additional cost. This premium choice might be just what your kitchen design needs to complete the overall effect.

Novelty Bumblebee Lighting

A fun way to convey your love of bumblebees is with lighting. You can choose from an inverted pendant honeycomb light or a Tiffany style light fixture.

Accent Rugs

There are two ways to go with an accent rug and breakfast nook area rug. The first is with a bumblebee motif in various shapes and sizes. The second way is with a yellow rug or a black and yellow rug.

Breakfast Nook and Barstool Upholstery Choices

If you have a bar area, then you can carry out the color scheme with yellow and black barstools. You may prefer yellow stools or classic black leather ones.

A breakfast area might include a table and chairs or other retro furniture styles, perhaps in a booth or yellow dinette set. Upholstery fabric choices or seat cushions are ideal ways to continue your color scheme and motif theme.

Window Treatments

There are several ways you can design your windows. Use a mixture of yellow blinds, yellow gingham curtains, or custom made black and yellow striped fabric or buffalo plaid fabric for custom made curtains.

A subtle introduction of the bumblebee motif can be found in a pair of curtain and valance bee lace design with lace trim if you want to avoid overwhelming the room in color.

Table Linens and Dinnerware

You don't want to overlook the table linens and dinnerware opportunities to repeat your color scheme as well as the bumblebee motif.

  • A canvas fabric table runner with a large bumblebee might be the ideal table linen for your breakfast table.
  • You can also create your own special table linen look with a yellow tablecloth and a black table runner.
  • Don't forget the bumblebee napkins and napkin rings for that special china to complete the place setting.
  • If you have small children, then you may wish to invest in an everyday childproof plastic tablecloth.

Add Bumblebee Motif Objects

You can add bumblebee specific objects to your kitchen decor to highlight this theme. Some of the ways to accessorize your kitchen with bumblebee motifs include:

  • Candle pins: Use yellow candles with these bumblebee pins for a table centerpiece or on a breakfast nook shelf.
  • Salt and pepper shakers: This pair of retro salt and pepper shakers can be placed on the breakfast nook table.
  • Refrigerator magnet: Choose a whimsical bumblebee refrigerator magnet to serve a utilitarian purpose.
  • Bumblebee teapot: This is a cute fun way to repeat the bumblebee theme.
  • Kitchen towels: Choose from a large selection of bumblebee motif kitchen towels.
  • Bumblebee wall art: There are many choices for photo and paintings of bumblebees to frame and showcase in your kitchen.
  • Tile coasters: Keep your breakfast nook table looking like new with these fun bumblebee coasters.
  • Etsy: Find all kinds of bumblebee kitchen decor accessories to complete your design.

Finishing Bumblebee Touches for Kitchen Design

Once you have established the basic color selections for your kitchen design, you can sprinkle various bumblebee motifs throughout. The key to a motif design is to use deliberate placements with constraint so that you don't overwhelm your design. This balance approached will give you the overall look you desire.

26 Bumblebee-Themed Kitchen Decor Ideas to Buzz About