Bring a Pizza Kitchen Design Into Your Home: Elevate Your Taste

Fat Chef Kitchen

Designing the home kitchen after a pizzeria has become popular. This style is so versatile, you can go all out with a complete design or simply add a few touches to enhance your existing kitchen décor. It's especially compatible with a Tuscan or Italian style kitchen.

Start With the Pizza Oven Centerpiece

Kitchen with Built-in Pizza Oven

The most obvious centerpiece of this kitchen design is the pizza oven. You will need to select the type of oven you want, either a built-in or stand-alone design. For the best aesthetic use, go with a built-in style. This will give your kitchen the ambiance you want. You can then either use stucco, brick or rock to facing the outside of the oven.

Built-In or Stand-Alone Pizza Ovens

Many pizza ovens designed for residential use come as kits that can be built into the kitchen layout. Mugnaini offers a built-in, flat roof, gable roof or dome pizza oven as well as stand-alone styles.

Faux Pizza Oven Design

If you can't afford a genuine pizza oven, but plan to add one later, you can create the look of one by using fire resistant brick facing around a wall oven. You can even add an arch for the full effect. If budget is still a concern, then purchase a brick stencil and create the brick and stucco look with paints.

Pizza Prep Area

You want to include a pizza prep area. This can be as simple as a countertop that's designated as a food prep station or as elaborate as a stainless steel commercial pizza prep table. Most prep stations feature stainless steel countertops for easy cleaning and assurance of anti-bacterial buildup, but you can also use granite or marble slabs or countertops.

Be sure to include an open shelf above or within easy reach to hold needed spice shakers. If you install a pizza oven, you may wish to create a prep station along this wall so that you can slip the finished pizza right into the oven from the preparation countertop.

Design the Kitchen Around the Oven

The rest of your kitchen design will gravitate from this one centerpiece. It's through the use of colors, textures, and accessories that you can create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing pizzeria kitchen design.

Two Popular Colors Schemes and Themes

Once you have the kitchen layout complete and you've settled on the oven design, turn your attention to selecting a color palette. Pizza shops can either have a bright instantly recognizable color palette of black, white and red or a palette of woodland colors of browns and greens. Both choices can use café curtain styles for window treatments and create greater ambiance with Italian scene wall murals.

Chef Wall Decals
Chef Wall Decals

#1 Fat Chef Color Scheme

The black, white, and red pizzeria décor is often associated with the iconic Fat Chef and can be played up throughout your kitchen design. You can also substitute the white with a tan or golden color if you prefer since many of the Fat Chef accessories come with tan or brown backgrounds. If you opt to forego the white for tan, then you may want to incorporate some of the rustic elements as well.


The flooring choices are typically the checkered look. This can be either vinyl or ceramic black and white checkered tile flooring, although you could use red and white if you prefer the colors.

Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplash

The usual cabinet and countertop color choices are white cabinets with black marble countertops or red cabinets with white marble countertops.

White, black, or red subway tiles can be used for the backsplash.

Light Fixtures

  • Hanging Pendant Lights
    With this contemporary style, go for nickel dome shaped pendant lights or three-light chandelier to hang over the bar or island area.
  • You might prefer a more whimsical light fixture over the dining table with pizza-themed design.
  • Glass fixtures, such as a red glass wall sconces, add interest and texture to your lighting choices.


The iconic Fat Chef motif can be used as special touches for this striking color palette choice. Add to the Fat Chef himself with these complementary accessories:

Don't forget to add a "Pizza" sign. If you want something bright, then you can choose from lighted signs ranging from old-fashioned round bulb or neon styles.

#2 Old World Design With Woodland Colors

Tuscan Inspired Kitchen

Choose a classic, old world theme and woodland color scheme to match. The woodland colors of browns, greens, grays, and beiges can be layered with a range of hues from light to dark. Russets and reds can be added for the accent color or you may prefer to go with a blue or yellow accent. These colors make an excellent palette choice for an authentic, old world Italian pizzeria design. Add purple and orange accents for a Tuscan kitchen color palette.


The flooring choices range from quarry tile to large ceramic tiles set on the diagonal to dark-stained rough plank floors. Go for a Tuscany chipped tile floor for a causal realistic feel or a Tuscany beige tile floor if you want something a little more formal.

Rough-hewn plank flooring in vinyl is great for clean-up and looks great. Alternatively, opt for an engineered wood flooring or solid wood large plank flooring that captures the essence of a quaint rustic pizza parlor.

Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplash

Tuscany Kitchen Furniture

Old world style cabinets are a nice touch for this design. Make sure you have several open shelves for an authentic look to your cabinetry design. You can use floating shelf styles if you prefer.

Marble or granite countertops are the good choices and should be selected to match the color of your cabinets.

Backsplashes can be made from ceramic or stone tiles.

Light Fixtures

Select matching light fixtures that are wrought iron or wrought iron-inspired designs. For example, select a wrought iron chandelier with beige shades to hang over the dining table.

If you need extra lighting, go for a torchiere floor lamp with an amber mica shade for the ideal ambiance. Add more lighting in the following ways:

  • Select a rustic iron-look wall sconce with a faux candle style shade to add additional light.
  • Over the work island or eating bar suspend wrought iron pendants with Italian bubble glass shades or amber colored globe pendants.
  • Some kitchens may benefit from adding a table lamp or two on the end of a counter or desk area tucked away in a corner.


Signage is another way to add a few pizzeria nuances. Select one or two that convey the nostalgic feeling you desire. Additional elements include:

  • Terra cotta or ceramic pots and urns, especially antiques
  • Paintings and artwork featuring Italy or Tuscany
  • Decorative olive oil dispensers, pitchers, or other items with painted designs

Wrought Iron for Any Pizzeria Kitchen Design

The use of wrought iron is commonly found in pizzerias and a great design element to incorporate in your design. It doesn't matter which style of pizzeria design you select, the wrought iron element will fit any style.

Dining Table and Chairs

Go for a combination of wrought iron and wood for an authentic feel for a breakfast nook or in-kitchen dining. Look for a rustic wood top and a substantial wrought iron base with matching chairs. Or you might prefer to go with a glass top table with wrought iron base and matching chairs for a different but still appropriate look.

Bar Stools

Either of these choices would look great in a pizzeria kitchen:

  • Choose a swivel stool with a dark brown leather seat for a stunning look at any home island bar.
  • For the Fat Chef theme, you may prefer an industrial style barstool.

Wine Rack

Wine is a natural complement to any pizza dinner, so be sure to provide a storage place that will also serve as a design/display element.

Hanging Pot Rack

If you are accustomed to using a hanging pot rack, you can certainly incorporate it into your pizzeria kitchen design. Make sure that the rack is wrought iron to be in keeping with the overall ambiance. Hang the rack in easy reach of your stove for those meals you'll cook in between those pizza dinners.

Select a rack with a grape cluster motif design or a nice verde gold finish in a scroll design.

Wall Art

Using wrought iron wall art is a wonderful way to introduce this element into your kitchen design, especially if you opted for different furniture styles. Select designs that reflect an Italian influence with classic ironwork designs or stylized scrolling grill gate that's finished in a Tuscany slate style of red and black dry brushing.

Deciding on Elements for Your Design

There are many choices to make when designing a pizza shop inspired kitchen. Whether you choose the whimsical Fat Chef style or the old world rustic design, you're sure to enjoy making your own pizza in your newly designed kitchen.

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Bring a Pizza Kitchen Design Into Your Home: Elevate Your Taste