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Everyone loves a treasure hunt, which is why Big Lots Furniture is one of the first places to look when searching for an incredible bargain on that perfect piece of furniture or accessory for your home. This well-known national chain purchases products, often at manufacturer closeout prices, and then sells them to the public at fantastic discounts.

Navigating Big Lots Furniture

When sifting through the seemingly endless stock of furnishings in the store or online at, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. Don't just buy something because it is inexpensive.

  • Look for brand names that are known for quality
  • Check for scratches, marks, dings or broken pieces. Decide if you can live with the defect or have it fixed
  • Check table joints to make certain they are solid and not wobbly. Look underneath for any defects, such as cracked supports
  • Test chairs for comfort and size

Shop by Room

Living Room

Ranging from leather sofas to coffee tables, entertainment centers to floor lamps, the living room collection includes traditional and contemporary style pieces. If you find a sofa that is a perfect size and shape, but not the right color, consider a slipcover for an inexpensive way to make it work with your style.

Big Lots often buys large amounts of home furnishings in bulk, closeout deals. These are often discontinued items that manufacturers and distributors are trying to move quickly in order to make room for new products. Quantities will be limited and the selection will be different at each store. This can mean big savings on items like:

  • Mirrors and picture frames
  • Wall art and accent pieces
  • Decorative pillows
  • Candle holders
  • Lamps and lighting

Dining Room

When looking for new dining room furniture, choose wisely. This is an important investment, so you want to buy something that will last a long time. From dining sets to individual dining room chairs, Big Lots Furniture provides several choices in finish and shape, from dark to light wood and small to large tables.

Table and Chairs


A full bedroom set--bed, dresser, and nightstands--can cost thousands of dollars when purchased brand new. With closeout prices, the Big Lots sets are very reasonable. If you like a more eclectic look, purchase single pieces in a similar finish or color. Mixing and matching different styles gives a room more personality.

Home Office

When searching for home office furniture it can be difficult to find something that works well in a small space or blends into a living room or bedroom. It needs to be versatile, have lots of space for files, papers, a computer, etc. Big Lots Furniture offers a decent array of designs for the home office, including modular styles and corner units.


If you have ever slept on a cheap mattress, you know that spending a few extra dollars is worth a good night's sleep, but shelling out several hundred dollars can also leave you tossing and turning. Big Lots carries Serta mattresses, known for their quality and comfort. Prices are competitive with other online discount stores, so you can rest easy knowing that your mattress will last a long time and won't leave your wallet dry.


Kids grow quickly and buying furniture to last from their toddler years to their teenage years can prove impossible. Find a few quality pieces, such as a bed and a dresser, and then change up their bedding and accessories as they grow older. Big Lots has excellent bedroom sets for kids. They also feature some inexpensive pieces that are fun to play with, such as a wood and metal futon bunk, or neon guitar wall clocks.

Buzz Club Rewards

You can save even more money at Big Lots by joining their Buzz Club Rewards program. You can join this program at any Big Lots store or at Big Lots online. After registering, you will receive your rewards card. All you need to do is make ten purchases worth $20 or more within one year. You will then get 20 percent off your next purchase. Other Buzz Club benefits include:

  • Two-day advantage. Be the first to know when your ad goes online.
  • See the freshest deals in pantry food, health and beauty.
  • Receive special savings up to 20 percent off.
  • Get sneak peaks of new and seasonal items.
  • Be the first to view clearance items.

Visit Your Local Store Often for Great Deals

The bottom line is your bottom line. Before heading to the local furniture emporium, check out your nearest Big Lots store or look at their selections online. Just remember that the selection will vary from store to store and will also be different than what you find online. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that the piece you have been looking for is 80 percent off the regular price!

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