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Cargo Kid's bunk beds were created by Cargo Furniture and a nice alternative for space saving in a child's bedroom. Pier 1 Imports acquired all the furniture and assets of Cargo Furniture in February 2001 but as of today, they no longer sell these bunk beds. While several of the Cargo Furniture stores are closing, there are a few places and alternatives out there.

What Happened to Cargo Furniture?

According to a press release from Pier 1 Imports, they acquired all the assets of children and casual furniture of Cargo Furniture from Tandycrafts, Inc. on February 23, 2001. Among these assets are the popular Cargo Bunk Beds.

Pier 1 Imports No Longer Carries Cargo

As stated on August 10, 2017, in an email from Pier 1 Imports' Customer Service Department, "This item (Cargo Bunk Beds) has been discontinued and is no longer available at any of our store locations."

The email noted, "To make room for our new collections, we must discontinue some of our previous items."

Reported Store Closings

As mentioned in their press release in 2001, Pier 1 Imports implemented a 5-year plan to further develop the concept and open Cargo stores across North America. While stores did open at several locations in the Midwest, most of these stores have been closed down and many rumors are circulating that some of these stores are filing for bankruptcy. As stated in a Google review of a location in Missouri, "STAY CLEAR. Just received letter that Steve Roush (partner) has filed for bankruptcy." While another store in Fort Worth, Texas is reported to be closed by local yelpers on

Finding Used Cargo Bunk Beds

What made Cargo bunk beds so popular were the versatility, simplicity, and sturdiness of the bed. Made out of solid oak or pine, sturdy railings at the top and simple clean lines go with almost any other piece of furniture. The only place you'll be able to purchase these beds will be on auction sites or sites that sell used pieces of furniture, such as or Ebay.

When searching for these bunk beds on these sites type "Cargo Kids" in order to find the correct product. You'll also need to carefully read the descriptions to ensure they are actually the Cargo Furniture brand and not a similar option.

Similar Alternative Products

There are several other brands of bunk beds that compare to Cargo Bunk Beds. While some of these beds may not be exact replicas they do offer the same appearance and style.

  • Micah Kids Bunk Bed not only is sturdy but also has extra storage. This bunk bed can be found at Target and costs $800. It features twin sized mattresses on the top and bottom.
  • Cargo Natural Twin Bunk Bed is the most comparable to Cargo Bunk Beds. While The Land of the Nod uses the "cargo" name for this model, there is no relation to Cargo Furniture. This bed comes in several other colors, such as charcoal, white and java and runs around $1500 but is on sale currently for $1000.
  • Storkcraft Long Horn Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed is the most affordable and cost $300 to $350. The espresso finish is sharp and the clean lines are reminiscent of the Cargo Furniture line.
Storkcraft Long Horn Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Safety Tips

Keep in mind when purchasing bunk beds to check with Consumer Affairs that they have not been recalled. Some bunk beds, if not engineered correctly, can be hazardous for young children, such as fall hazards, getting trapped or suffocation. Once you find a safe bed, look for unique bedroom accessories and consider designing for siblings sharing a bedroom.

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