Country Cottage Style Furniture Gallery

Front Porch Rocking Chairs

Country cottage style furniture begins with porch furniture. Rocking chairs are a must for country porch furniture. You can almost taste the sweetened iced tea as soon as you sit down in one of these white rockers. A small wicker table between the two rockers completes this classic look. Many rocker styles and finishes are available to make your front porch picture perfect.

Cozy Cottage Decor

Antique wicker or new wicker is a perfect furniture style to create a homey cottage décor. Gingham and plaids mixed with floral prints and stripes add charm and a country feel to this room. Floor lamps provide additional light with an old-fashioned flare. A refurbished or new steamer trunk sprinkles a sense of nostalgia. Small occasional tables made from wood with simplistic lines can support table lamps and freshly cut flowers from your country cottage garden.

Quaint Country Bedroom

This replica of an antique nightstand has been finished to represent a paint wash of three colors. The overall distressed look makes this a prized addition to any country bedroom. When accessorized with a water pitcher, a vase of flowers and a classic throw rug, this bedroom with gauzy lace curtains invites you to step into a simpler lifestyle.

Summertime Porch Dining

Dining on the back or side porch is a summertime favorite for enjoying a family-styled, country supper. Three square tables are turned so the wood grains alternate to give a unique look. Straight chairs can be made more comfortable with red, green or blue gingham cushions. The rustic bench beneath the window provides additional seating. You can change the cushions and pillows to create different looks for various occasions.

Country Kitchen Style

Hardwood floors in a country kitchen make a great backdrop for this oversized pine, work table. Large gathering baskets placed on the shelf can serve as extra storage or used to harvest fresh vegetables from your backyard garden.

Country Cottage Style Furniture

A period-style farmhouse bedroom complete with bedwarmers, kerosene lamp and clock. This antique iron bed is donned with an heirloom bedspread and ruffled pillows. You can find an old chest of drawers, like the one in the photo, for an authentic addition to this country bedroom.

Country kitchen Dining

The kitchen is the hub of a country home and the kitchen table is always the scene of delicious family meals. You can collect old chairs to place around your country table for an authentic feel. Tie it all together with matching seat cushions.

Novelty Unique Furniture Pieces

Novelty furniture puts your personal stamp on your country décor. You can purchase ready-to-be-finished furniture and paint your favorite color. Add a few stenciled motifs and you've created a unique one-of-a-kind furniture combo.

Old-Fashioned Parlor

Mission styled tables are great for a country look. This gaming table is ready for a friendly game in the parlor. Two rush-seat chairs complete the look. The stylized trunk can be used for extra storage and a makeshift coffee table. Wicker furniture is once more a great addition to a cottage room.

Quilts and Pillow Accessories

The look of an old bench can fit in any room. You can often find old church pews for resale in antique and second-hand furniture shops. This bench is dressed up with a hand-made quilt and several pillows.

Classic Country Dining Chairs

Ladder-back chairs with rush seats are classic country cottage choices for dining room furniture.

Personalize Your Country Cottage

Personal style can make your country cottage have a romantic feel like the sofa in this picture. Recycle your old couch or loveseat with a homemade slipcover. Southern farms and country retreats often had different slipcovers for each season of the year. Whimsical patterns and colors make this sofa fun and inviting for an afternoon of sipping iced tea and reading a good book.

Rustic Inviting Front Entrance

This vine furniture gives a rustic charm to your country home. The craftsmanship creates a conversation piece on your front porch. A nice comfortable cushion and pillow invite guests to come in and sit a spell. Any kind of table will go with this style of furniture. As you can see, country cottage style furniture is versatile and varied.

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Country Cottage Style Furniture Gallery