Where Can I Buy Hickory Hill Furniture

Grandma's Attic collection from Hickory Hill

If you've seen it at someone else's house, you're probably asking yourself, "Where can I buy Hickory Hill furniture?"

Why You'll Love It

To start off with, the Hickory Hill furniture selection is divided into four categories:

  • Picket Fences: These offer a touch of country. You can choose from plaids and florals in reds, blues, cool greens, and sunny yellows. These are meant to look-and be-cozy and comfortable. They bring the outdoors in.
  • Grandma's Attic: This is a nostalgic collection, reminiscent of grandma's house. These are the new versions of what you might find in her attic. They're made with cottages in mind, so expect warm and cozy over sleek and sophisticated. They have an antique feel with the touchability of something new.
  • Urban Attitudes: These pieces are a bit more on the sleek and sophisticated side. They show off that the owner has an on-the-go type of lifestyle with their no-fuss appearance. There is a variety of color combinations available, but overall, the look is clean, simple, neutral.
  • Simply Traditional: These styles are somewhere in between casual and sophisticated. These are the designs that will almost never look dated, never go out of style. If you want versatility but a comfortable atmosphere in your home, consider this style.

Other furniture collection that Hickory Hill offers include:

  • Sunbrella: The fabric used here is similar to that used in outdoor sets in order to protect from stains caused by kids and pets. This is Hickory Hill's most worry-free line. The style is bright and airy.
  • Wood Accents: These include all the tables you'll need to accent your beautiful new sofas and chairs. There are a few subcategories here, including:
    • Canterbury: Dark, sleek, and slightly vintage in appearance
    • Nantucket: Light, distressed look
    • SanVital: Oval, ornate, with glass tops
    • Sussex: Medium-to-dark in appearance with a practical, no-nonsense feel
  • Jacklyn Smith Home Upholstery: These are designed with comfort and longevity in mind

So Where Can I Buy Hickory Hill Furniture?

Now that you know the basic styles from Hickory Hill, you probably want to answer the question, "Where can I buy Hickory Hill furniture?" You can find them at all types of furniture stores, from outlets to more upscale stores. But which ones do you seek out? Easy:

  • The Hickory Hill Furniture site itself is a great place to start. There, you'll get the breakdown of the collections they have to offer and you're guaranteed to see the latest styles available from the company. You can use their Where to Buy button at the top of the page to find out where to purchase your new furniture in the United States or Canada. You'll get the name, location, phone number, a map, and in some cases Internet address for each store that carries Hickory Hill furniture in your area. It makes it very easy to locate the perfect piece for your home.
  • If you're in the Gastonia, North Carolina, area, Carroll Ann Furniture is worth a visit. They claim to be the largest Hickory Hill dealer in the state. Visit the Carroll Ann site for contact information and hours.
  • The Dresser Drawer Online offers pieces from the Lifestyle Collection (outlined above). This store is located in Ashton, Virginia, so if you live in the area, stop in and have a glance around.

Shopping Online and Pricing

Unfortunately, you probably won't be able to find Hickory Hill furniture online. They distribute their products only to Hickory Hill Furniture Corporation dealer locations, according to the Hickory Hill Website. When you do find a dealer close to you on their Where to Buy list, be sure to call ahead to see if they have the specific piece of furniture you're looking for. You can see the whole collection online, but you're not likely to see the whole collection at any single dealer location. If there are more than one location near you, it's worth calling around to see who has the best deal. Hickory Hill doesn't set the prices, of course, so they will vary from dealer to dealer.


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Where Can I Buy Hickory Hill Furniture