Silver Mirrored Vase: Where to Buy or How to DIY

Transitional dining room vases

A silver mirrored vase can add a unique touch to a room's décor. Its reflective surface can also carry light deeper into a room for a stunning effect.

Where to Buy

There are many home décor stores where you can find silver vases with a reflective quality. Shop around and discover all the available choices in style, shape, and size.


Walmart is a great place to find budget-friendly options.

  • Set of 3 Tianna Silver Vases: These ceramic vases have a silver mirror finish. Each has a unique shape and different texture for added design interest.
  • Wide Rectangular Wavy Textures Vase: This ceramic vase has a chrome silver colored finish and features a wavy textured finish.
  • Embossed Spiral Vase: The artistic form of this vase makes it extra special. The wide uneven spiral gives the vase a silver wrapped effect.


Amazon has a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to unique vases.

Other Places to Buy

Plenty of other places sell silver mirrored vases, like:

  • Target: This ribbed vase is in the shape of a Wu Lu or gourd and perfect for adding contoured lines to a décor.
  • Candles4Less: A 5" silver square vase is a great choice for a hydrangea blossom or two.
  • Wholesale Floral: A 4" square high gloss silver mirror vase can show off faux succulents or white peonies.
  • Vase Market: These simple yet elegant cylinder shaped vases are sold in sets of six and are available in small or large sizes.

DIY Silver Mirrored Vase

If you can't find the vase you envisioned, you may choose to make your own. There are several ways that you can achieve this classic look. The cheapest way is to use a spray paint.


Use one of the following:

Additional supplies include:

  • Glass cleaner
  • Water
  • Craft paper
  • Painter's tape
  • Newspaper, cardboard, or dropcloth


  1. Clean the vase thoroughly with a glass cleaner.
  2. Rinse two or three times with clean water.
  3. Dry vase.
  4. Wrap the outside of the vase with paper and secure with painter's tape.
  5. Choose a well-ventilated area, preferably outside.
  6. Spread newspaper, cardboard or a dropcloth to protect spraying surface area.

Painting the Glass Vase

You will only be spraying the inside of the vase, according to manufacturer's recommendations.

  1. Spray the vase with short quick strokes of the spray paint to prevent the paint from running down the sides.
  2. Continue until the vase inside is completely covered.
  3. Apply two to three coats or more to get the desired look.
  4. Allow vase to dry 10 minutes between coatings.

For a real mirrored vase, you'll need some special chemicals that can be purchased either individually or in a kit from companies like Angel Gilding. This is a more expensive undertaking, but a kit will cover several vases.

How to Display and Use

Once you buy the vase or vases needed, you must decide how you'll incorporate them into your home decor so they look like a deliberate aspect of your overall design.

  • Empty vase
    Leave the vase empty and display for artistic appeal.
  • Slender-neck vases are ideal for a single flower stem or a bouquet of slender tall stems of small flowers.
  • Large vases with arrangements should display a bouquet of flowers, grasses, feathers, or other filler that are one and a half to two times the height of the vase.

Vase Sets

Buying a set of vases allows you to repeat this design element throughout your room.

Set of Two

  • Use one tall slender vase and a shorter slender one.
  • Use one tall urn shaped vase with a shorter wider one.
  • Use two identical vases and place one on each end of a mantel, sideboard, one on each end table/nightstand or evenly spaced apart in the center of a dining table.

Set of Three or More

Working with an odd number of vases or odd number of design styles creates a design of great interest. Some vases are sold in sets of three, five, or more.

  • Use individually instead of a grouping. You can place one in the foyer, one in the den, another in the bedroom for continuity throughout your home décor.
  • Set the vases as a grouping on a shelf, coffee table, dining table, dresser, mantel, or hearth.
  • Layer in a room by placing one near the door, another one half-way into the room, and the third one at the back of the room.

Feature Unique Shapes and Textures

When selecting a vase(s) for your home, you may want something that has a unique shapes and textures to add deeper interest in your room design.

  • Small square vases: Place small rounded floral arrangements in groupings of three, five, or seven on dining table, foyer console, or coffee table.
  • Vignettes: Create a vignette in a foyer corner with floor vases or a shelf in the corner of a breakfast room.
  • Design elements: Add an unexpected design element with several vases placed on a guest bedroom nightstand or bathroom counter.

Timeless Beauty

A silver mirrored vase is both an elegant and classic look for a home décor. You can use vases to hold bouquets or simply showcase them as an accessory or work of art.

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Silver Mirrored Vase: Where to Buy or How to DIY