18 Meaningful Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Thanksgiving Welcome


Get your entire home ready for the Thanksgiving holiday by adding decorative touches inside and out.

This front entrance captures all the elements normally associated with the Thanksgiving harvest. The classic scarecrow has made his way out of the corn field to your front door. House plants (corn plants) add greenery at the door. Harvest baskets are filled with potted mums that are supported by upturned hay bales. Large pumpkins balance the baskets.

Add a few pumpkins on each step, decreasing in size. A pair of harvest baskets and mums are placed on the second step with smaller pumpkins grouped on the last step. Corn shocks frame this front door decoration, adding an authentic touch guaranteed to awe your guests.

Be sure to leave enough walking space through the center of your display.

Story of Thanksgiving


This mantel display conveys the story of the first Thanksgiving by featuring a man and woman pilgrim, cornucopia, and a pair of pumpkins. The wreath above the mantel is created using various types of berries, foliage apples and pine cones.

You can use real pumpkins, gourds, pine boughs and berries for your mantel display or opt for artificial ones. Either purchase a fall/harvest wreath or make a live or artificial one to reflect your artistic style.

Yard Decoration


Greet guests with this clever yard decoration created with live elements. If you don't have a wagon, use a barrel or even an old weathered outdoor picnic table. Burlap bags can be filled with straw, Indian corn, or even simple crumbled newspaper.

Select odd numbers of items to maintain good visual design balance. Include at least two or more colors of potted mums. You want to include a variety of pumpkin types and sizes as well as gourds. Be sure to create a grouping on the ground as well.

Autumn Garland and Candles


This mantel design is simple, yet elegant. A matching pair of vintage white pedestal bowls are anchored on either end of the mantel and filled with luscious pears. A series of matching votive candle holders span the distance between the two bowls.

The garland below the mantel begins with pine boughs. Various dried leaves, such as magnolia leaves, as well as pheasant feathers, faux apples and pears are added. Two different ribbons, a gold one and a sheer one with variegated gold and orange colors are woven into the overall design for a truly stunning mantel garland.

Rustic Kitchen


A rustic cabin or country kitchen can be specially decorated for Thanksgiving with sprays of large orange Chinese lantern pods, a pumpkin, and a wire basket of pears and apples.

Adding to the natural ambiance of this kitchen design are some of the garden harvests in displays of canned foods and dried garlic. Even the compost pot is an orange pumpkin shape with handles.

Complete Mantel Decoration


This symmetrical mantel design features a fall leaf wreath framed by tall candlesticks with short orange column candles along with a vase and covered pedestal candy dish.

The hearth is also symmetrical with a pitcher filled with fall flowers and a coal bucket bursting with min-pumpkins, gourds, pine cones, pheasant feathers and fall leaves. Add a fun coffee table centerpiece that continues the colorful fall elements for the holiday.

Bedroom Corner


Decorating for Thanksgiving isn't limited to front doors and the dining table. This bedroom corner features a chest vignette that supports a hurricane lamp with an orange candle, a box of orange mums, and a hand-printed welcome pumpkin. Sprigs of orange berries are an excellent choice for the glass floor urn.

You can recreate this type of corner vignette using existing containers, such as the hurricane lamp, box for the potted mums and the floor glass urn. Your container may be different, but as long as they match with your existing bedroom decor they will be ideal for your design. You don't necessarily have to use a real pumpkin; instead, substitute a ceramic or faux pumpkin.

A Simple Reminder


It's easy to get caught up in the holiday festivities, so a little reminder becomes part of the Thanksgiving decorations. This simple framed word art can be leaned against the wall supported by a nightstand, end table, kitchen countertop, or even a mantel. Add a ceramic stylized pumpkin and a bowl of plums and grapes to create this display.

You can use any type of similar framed Thanksgiving art to create your own version of this Thanksgiving decoration. Don't forget the bathroom makes an excellent place for this type of wall art for holidays.

Treasure Chest


What better way to display the fruits of an autumn harvest than the bounty of gourds, squashes, and fall fruits! Place your treasure chest on an end table in the den, console foyer table or bathroom counter to add a touch of the season in other rooms.

If you own a pair or set of nesting tables, you can continue your Thanksgiving display. Include a unique woven basket for the harvest appeal. In addition, set a tray with three oversized wood acron sculptures for a woodsy flair to this design concept.

Decorative Wall Decal


Use a temporary removable wall decal to add a bit of festivity to your home decor. A Thanksgiving-themed decal can be used in a den, living room, or dining room. Add a couple of striped pillows that tie-in with your décor and the traditional holiday colors. This pair of light to medium orange striped pillows carry the fall color scheme. Include a vase of fall flowers and a bowl of various decorative balls, such as a few vine balls painted orange.

Once the holiday is over, all you have to do is carefully peel the decal off.

Basket of Mini Pumpkins


These cute mini pumpkins fill up this woven basket with a handle. Set a basket on a bathroom counter or a guest bedroom dresser. This Thanksgiving decoration is so simple it doesn't require much time to create. You can find mini-pumpkins at most farmer's markets and some grocery stores.

Seasonal vendors specializing in pumpkins for Halloween and fall decorations often also have some of these small pumpkins. If you're a gardener, you can make a small space to grow these cute pumpkins vertically on a trellis.

Basket Full of Sunflowers


What is a fall celebration like Thanksgiving without a vibrant bouquet of sunflowers? Use a woven basket and set this great decoration on a bedside table, bathroom counter or breakfast nook table.

If you want the look without the fuss of keeping the sunflowers looking fresh, purchase faux ones to use in your basket.

Harvest Mantel With Tankards


This mantel decoration suggests the pre-colonial aspect of the Thanksgiving celebration. The colors of fall cascade over the mantel with fall leaves, berries, dried sprays, sunflowers and pumpkins.

Pewter tankards are displayed on the mantel, reminiscent of the type of mugs the Pilgrims would have used. If you don't own pewter tankards, you can always substitute with pewter candle sticks and/or bowls.

Rocker Display


Perhaps one of the best and fun ways to take advantage of a summer rocker is to load it with pumpkins, gourds and a potted plant or two.

This design is great for a front porch or patio display, making the area festive as guests mingle before and after the big meal. Scatter pumpkins and gourds onto a side table and on the floor beside the rocker. Be sure to have some empty seating available, too!

Window Box Display


Make use of existing window boxes with this simple but colorful display of the harvest season's gourd collection. You may decide to use more iconic seasonal elements, such as a few potted mums and some colorful Indian corn.

Fall ornamentals with hooked tops create interest when hung from the sides of the window box. Gourds are also placed on the sill to expand the display.

Wreath Encircled Patio Light


The back patio of your home doesn't have to be neglected. You place an autumn leaf wreath around each outdoor light by the door. This wreath forgoes a ribbon and instead uses a small swag of apples, berries, and a few leaves.

Set a timer for the lights so you don't have to remember to turn them on to highlight the wreath's colors.

Cute Staircase Decorations

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This pair of scarecrows makes a fun festive decoration for a staircase. The exaggerated long legs and arms can be wrapped around spindles, railings, and the newel post to secure and add a whimsical touch. Purchase just the boy, just the girl, one of each, or even one for each of your family members!

Add a pumpkin and gourd on the stairs or at the bottom of the staircase to complete the look.

Thanksgiving Table Décor


Create a dining table centerpiece that incorporates some of nature's fall bounty. The hollowed out pumpkin with its top leaning against it makes a wonderful vase for this flowers and berry bouquet. Add a couple of sprigs of Chinese lantern plants to dangle their papery pods over the table.

A chain garland of various polished stones loops over pumpkin lid and around the centerpiece. Other decorations include striped gourds and various red and yellow apples placed along the table center.

A glass compote (just barely visible on the left) features a pumpkin candle with a paper Thanksgiving greeting wrapping, several flowers, acorns, and berries. You can add different elements found in your own backyard to complete this type of Thanksgiving table decoration. With the table complete, your home is now decorated and ready for guests!

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18 Meaningful Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas